Monday, September 08, 2008

Thunderstorms and Miracles

I was in charge of an important event yesterday.

With proper planning being done earlier, it was most surprising that I was caught off-guard by a glitch which threatened to derail the whole event.

The problems which caused the glitch: miscommunication, assumptions of people and shortage of manpower. Neverthess it was a good learning lesson for me.

Just as thunderstorms could come suddenly in life and catch one unguarded, miracles do also occur at times in the worst of one's moments.

I have learnt to move on in life. As Neutro Linguistic Programme experts could not disagree more:

There are no failures in the world, there are only feedbacks
It is with this mantra that keeps me going and trying new and varied things and learn from books, experiences.... hopefully one day I could be of someone great but most importantly leaves a legacy behind by benefitting the community and the world in one way or another.
I attended a talk last week by a successful multi-millonaire. One taking home from the talk was on the concept of 'Stewardship' something that is new to me.
As opposed to ownership, he spoke of how successful people are stewards rather than owners.
It is how much wisdom the successful people leaves behind to benefit the world and his progency that makes the mark of a successful people; it is not how much one owns that makes him successful.
Thus we see billionaires like Bill Gates donating a bulk of his fortunes to charity. There is an increasing number of the very rich becoming philatrophists too.
Success like what I have always mentioned in the blog is subjective, and its definition differs from one to another.
We shal strive to achieve and at the same time, be contented for what we have. It is often when we lose something that we begin to cherish.

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