Friday, September 26, 2008

Another MRT glitch in one day?

Today, after being 'tortured' by the MRT glitch in the morning, at the end of the day, knowing the coming start of weekends, I heaved a sigh of relief at having survived one whole week.

I increased the pace of my walk towards the MRT station to take the train back. Nearing the platform, I saw the display board indicating that the train I was going to take would be departing soon!

Naturally, I ran so as not to miss the departing train and to waste precious time waiting for another. Few other passengers who noticed the display also ran forth to catch the train.

When we were finally in the train, we became surprised after the train did not move within 5 minutes. All this while, there were many passengers streaming, running into the train, assuming that the train would really be departing soon.

Another MRT glitch I encountered in a day!

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