Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to win 4D ?

Every employee has an income to sustain him and his family as well as the monthly mortages when one buy a house. However, who does not want to be rich? To augment one’s income beside the monthly income he earns from his employer, there are many ways people have explored.
Some people have secondary professions or part time jobs after their office hours. However, this secondary profession is acceptable legally only if the main employer gives the nod else it will be called ‘moonlighting’. People who ‘moonlights’ do it quietly and stealthily behind their bosses and colleagues. Such secondary professions can include multi-level marketing, part-time tutoring, part-time real estate and part-time insurance, just to list a few popular choices.

Other than these, to earn extra income, some would turn to making some few bucks online or adopting a good investment strategy to beat the inflation rates. Having discussed these methods, we should turn to the number 1 method that Singaporeans use to earn extra income …in a quick and lucrative method and that is to buy the lottery which includes TOTO and 4D!

I will not touch on other forms of gambling such as underground casinos or the high-end gambling in the Integrated Resorts, but undeniably 4D and to a little extent, TOTO, are immensely popular with Singaporeans.
Singaporeans being pragmatic, 4D and TOTO is the most appropriate game for Singapore as if one has a lucky number, he would win lots of money in a short time, without much effort, save for the tens of minutes of queuing up.

There are people whom I heard of, analyzing how to win 4D and TOTO. This is actually difficult but it is possible as we are actually trying to make some sense of order to a field of randomness and unpredictability as 4D and TOTO. There are also quite a handful of others who go overseas frequently to pray (and return favours) to strike 4D and TOTO and no kidding you, they have been winning on a regular basis! (but if I were them, I will be scared as we are playing with supernatural powers!).

With weekend coming, I wish you win the 4D if you are a regular punter! Good luck!

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