Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore reinvention of Night

The world’s first F1 night race held successfully just an hour ago was one of the innovations by Singapore: An F1 race is ordinary, holding it at night then becomes creativity.

Just some months ago, Singapore also hosts the Sundown marathon, a marathon that is special because it was one that began at night and last till early morning the following day.

And we have one of the world class night attractions: Night Safari! Again, an innovative concept using night to make a safari (which is normally opened in the day) to become an innovation.

I am not surprised if we can continue to hold certain international large scale events at night, this will increase the excitement and creativity aspect of the event and attract greater global attention!

A safari itself is an innovation: it is a reinvention of zoo: animals in cage and people are free where for safari, it is : people in ‘cage’ and animals are set free.

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