Friday, July 31, 2009

National Day is near, but WHERE ARE THE FLAGS?

It is just 9 days away from Singapore's National Day and the nation's biggest party of the year: National Day Parade!

Normally, around this time of the year, Singaporeans would be able to see our Singapore flags being displayed proudly on many of the Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats. Many Singaporeans would be very keen and enthusiastic to display the National flags ouside their homes.

However, in these recent years, many Singaporeans are no longer displaying the National flags outside their homes anymore.I scoured around the neighbouring estate for the display of National Day flags and this was what I saw:

There were so many blocks of flats but not a single flag (the pun not intended) was displayed!

Finally I found solace in a block of flats in the vicinity:

Finally 1 Singapore flag on display.....out of the so many units in the block of flats.

There were of course some flats which were elaborately decked out in a slew of Singapore flags, banners, etc, with all units hanging the flag outside... but I did not count these, as these flats are the work of the Town Council or Residents' Committee.... so not counted la!

Anyway displaying the Singapore Flag outside is just a gesture, it may not mean that if one does not display the flag during this period, he does not love Singapore. The proof is in the pudding. When it comes to war, I wonder how many Singaporeans (exclude the SAF) will stay on and fight.... or be the first to take a flight?

Average Income of Singaporeans

The average income of Singaporeans is S$4155 (see article). Are you earning above or below the average Singaporeans?

The average income could have be higher, if not due to the fallouts of the economic meltdown.

Orchard Central

This is level 1 of Orchard Central, one of the two newest shopping malls in Orchard Road.

On this level of Orchard Central, there are no shops at all, just sofa and a lounge where a jazz band is sited, to play soothing music for all shoppers!

There are also on display maniquees as you see above, displaying the latest fashion to all!

The apparel worn by the maniquees are not cheap! I wonder whether it is dangerous for these maniquees to be so accessible and tangible to the public? Their expensive clothes could be stolen easily by thieves with very nimble fingers, when that happen, some or all of these models will be 'naked', then it will be apparent a theft has taken place!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

David Widjaja Hartanto

Yesterday, the local court ruled the case of David Widjaja Hartanto, the NTU student who slashed his Professor before taking the plunge as a suicide. His family who heard the judgment was visibly emotional and it was reported that there were some cries and gesturing of disapproval from his family with the judgment outside the court.

When interviewed, the father of the late Widjaja replied nonchalantly that the family would pursue the case and bring the case to the international court.
When I heard of the decision of the family, I was shocked as I am not sure whether pursuing the matter all the way to the international court was appropriate. The Singapore case that many Singaporeans heard so far that was “fought all the way” to the International Court is the Pedra Brancas case.

In my frankest opinion, the family should move on with life and accept the judgment in the face of the many evidences presented.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What has Orchard Central got to do with Chingay Parade?

What has Orchard Central got to do with Chingay Parade?

The answer lies in these 'creatures' I saw at Orchard Central last Saturday! Don't they look like the 'creatures' from the annual Chingay Parade?

I asked these 'creatures' to pose for a photo and they gladly obliged me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Singapore Durians

The durian season, falling every Jun/Jul would be over soon. During this period, durians are at their best due to the season at this period.
My Dear and I caught some really cheap and good durians last Saturday at a make-shift durian stall outside a NTUC Fairprice supermarket, selling at a heavily discounted price of $2 each!
Wow, the durians' flesh are rich and creamy, with a tantalising bitter and sweet taste! It was simply yummy! We feasted the durians heartily! I must advise all durian lovers to catch the durians before the season closes!
Happy Durians Hunting!

H1N1 news: 5th H1N1 death today

Singapore reported its 5th H1N1 death today with 4 more Singaporeans sent to the Intensive Care Units of the hospitals.
The H1N1 is really wrecking havoc in Singapore! No matter how the Ministry of Health has done a good job since the outbreak of the first H1N1 cases in the world: alas, H1N1 is now unstoppable, and it has now become a common fact that H1N1 is spreading locally among the community and causing deaths practically on a daily basis now!
To protect yourself against H1N1, stay away from crowds. And when someone near you sniff or cough, please distant yourself, if need be, stand up from the seat and walk away, there is no need to be polite when your life is at stake

Exercise more regularly and eat more vitamins!
Good lucks to you, and wish you H1N1 free!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard Shopping mall opened with great fanfare on Tuesday 21 July 09 and my Dear and I visited the sprawling mall yesterday!
The shopping mall was chokeful of people, and people and more people! I found the mall, glitzy on its facade was not as big as I have expected on the inside. There were just 4 storeys of high fashion labels and powerhouses.

The basement of the mall was like more tricky. We thought the mall has just 2 basement levels. It was only after we went around to explore the other parts of the mall that we learnt that there was 4 basement levels in all, with Basement 4 being the place of food!

Ion Orchard was distinctly more flashy in terms of facade than its counterparts on Orchard Road. But it was just another typical shopping experience in the inside of Ion Orchard. And comparing Orchard Central with Ion Orchard, both my Dear and I would give Orchard Central the thumbs up for giving a more extraordinary, relaxed and uniquely different shopping experience of Orchard Road!

The Art of H1N1

I spotted this sticker board outside Changi General Hospital.

This sticker board was laden with Health Screening Stickers issued to visitors who had 'passed' the temperature scanning checks implemented during the H1N1 period.

These temperature scannings may still be implemented at some places while discontinued in other places, anyway Singapore is already living with H1N1 as it has now become one of the common influzena strains here.

Orchard Central

Hello All Readers,

As promised, I have gone to both Orchard Central shopping centre and Ion Orchard Shopping mall today to bring you the most updated news and personal insights of these newest shopping centres in Singapore, both located in Orchard Road, nevertheless.

I would now be writing on Orchard Central, do look out for my post on Ion Orchard soon.

Orchard Central shopping centre is located near Somerset Shopping centre, opposite John Little and next to the soon-to-be completed Somerset 313 shopping centre.

Except for what seems to be the longest escalator for a shopping centre, the tall and glassy facade of the shopping centre is almost non-typical of a shopping centre as it looks quite non-descript and more of an office skyscraper. However, once you enter into the shopping centre, you will find yourself in a completely different Orchard Road Shopping Centre: as what Orchard Central's tagline says: new rules and new experiences!

Guess what my Dear and I saw when we entered into the shopping centre after taking the super-long escalator? We saw many people sleeping so comfortably on the sofas on the level! And true to what we thought of the relaxing atmosphere in the shopping centre, there were really really many people taking a quick nap at the many sofas interpersed on the many floors, just take a closer look at the photo below:

Orchard Central is the mall my Dear and I love soon after few minutes in the mall. Unlike any other typical shopping mall in Orchard Road, this shopping mall scores highly in its unique design and features. There is even a high rock climbling wall in the shopping mall with instructors ready to give students a lesson! Just take a closer look at the photo below:

I must say that Orchard Central is really Singapore's number 1 largest shopping centre in terms of height. Which shopping centre can you find a staggering total of 13 storeys (including 2 basements)?

It is hence befitting that this Singapore's tallest shopping mall is also home to the tallest girl in Singapore! How tall is this girl? Just look at the photos below (due to the sheer height, I have to 'break' the photo of the girl into two portions!)

This lady's height spans 12 storeys of Orchard Central! Looking from below, I feel tiny!

The designer of the shopping mall really did a marvellous job in creating a shopping mall whose traffic is really very distributed out! No way we experienced jamming as the traffic flow paths are really very diverse, scattering the heavy traffic easily!

The concept and layout of Orchard Central is also Great! My Dear and I love Orchard Central for it really promises new fules, new experiences and shopping in the mall is relaxing! No jostling with the crowds, one is able to shop at one's pace and able to take a good rest at many of the resting sofas!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Racial Harmony Day

Singapore celebrates its Racial Harmony Day annually on 21 July, a date which was remembered by Singaporeans many years back when racial riots broke out!
Singaporeans should not take racial harmony for granted. The good and harmonious relationships between the Chinese, Malays, Indians and other races in Singapore today are fruits of decades-long efforts.
Above picture is one I took in a community event which showcases all the ethnic traditional dance and music instrument playing. Singapore is really beautiful, like this photo for having the cultures and practices of all 4 races fused into one. It is great to live on this little island and experience the different food, culture of the different races!

H1N1 news: 4th H1N1 death in Singapore! 40% of Singaporeans to get H1N1 within the next 2 months!

I learnt of another sad tragedy surrounding the H1N1 situation in Singapore today: the 4th death! 2 more people suffering H1N1 were also warded in the Intensive Care Units.

It seems that Singapore is getting a H1N1 death so easily, so common these days! It seems scary! Would I be the next to contract H1N1?

It is likely that I would contract H1N1 for the Ministry of Health has estimated that within the next 2 months, 40% of all Singaporeans or rather people living on this little island would be infected with H1N1. Darwin's evolution theory: Survival of the fittest, will then kick in..... the stronger and healthier will survive.. the less healthier may succumb to H1N1 and even die! Collectively, Singaporeans would then develop a herd immunity towards H1N1, and hopefully vaccines would then be developed to help fight against this dreadful disease!

In my opinion, this wave of H1N1 is scarier than any terrorist attack! And this H1N1 infection wave underscores the fact no matter how Man has conquered the earth, the moon, made quantum leaps in technology, he still could not win the battle against the most minute viruses since time immemorial.. therein a biological attack by terrorists is also scary.. imagine a H1N1 strain developed by terrorists which is lethal! It could wipe millions within days!

Health is the most important. Embrace Health today. I strongly encourage all Singaporeans to exercise more regularly, eat more wisely, sleep earlier to live more healthily within these 2 months!

We would not want to be the 40%!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Chin Chow' +'Tau Hway'

Singapore is famous for its myriads of hawker centres. In every hawker centre, there is bound to be a drink stall, either one or more. And out of these drink stalls, there is bound to be one, which sells both 'Chin Chow' (Black Grass Jelly) drink or 'Tau Hway' (Soya Bean) drink.

I have always been drinking either one of these drinks: either 'Chin Chow' or 'Tau Hway' depending on my preferences on that particular day. It was not two weeks ago when I came across a drink stall in a famous hawker centre selling 'Chin Chow' +'Tau Hway'! (see picture above!)

I must tell you that the taste of this combination is SIMPLY FANTASTIC! I get to enjoy the unqiue tastes of both Yummy drinks! And in future, if I come across any drink stall, I will just ask the drink owner to get me 'Chin Chow' +'Tau Hway'! (just combine, I think no issue with them on that!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The world is abuzz with the extremely rare solar eclipse, which is also the longest in the recent centuries happening today!

I am one of the few fortunate ones in the world to witness the solar eclipse in the world and in Singapore somemore in the morning, right from the comforts of my office!

At around 830 am, the Sun who was shining so brightly was suddenly obstructed with the Moon's shadow; the brightness of the sun's rays which I was soaking in, sooned dimmed. Few minutes later, it was pitch dark and then after about few minutes later, the Sun resumed its full glory and everything was back to the shiny normal at last!

If you have guessed correctly by now, the Sun was actually my boss and the moon was actually my detestable colleague who came and interruped my conversation with the boss and talking rubbish as usual, sowing the seeds of discord.

Anyway, in many parts of the world, as I have discussed in my post yesterday, the sky was not as inviting to the rare solar eclipse: many who have travelled to China and some parts of the world where the eclipse would be the most evident were left disppointed due to the overcast skies but for India, it is not so bad, as you can see from the video above.

In Singapore, a good handful of Singaporeans thronged the Singapore Science Centre to watch the Solar Eclipse: yes, Solar Eclipse which took place around the same time as the other parts of the world, never mind that the eclipse was simulated by computer! I believe the crowd still enjoyed the enlightening explanation of the eclipse and for the fact that they are able to view the whole eclipse (though it was just computer simulation) was much better than their peers travelling to China and far-flung places just to see the eclipse! On a serious note, the throngs of Singaporeans visiting Singapore Science Centre would just want to witness the 10% solar eclipse, the proportion of the eclipse which could be seen from Singapore, unlike 100% in India etc but they were left disappointed due to the overcast skies as well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow will be an extraordinary day for there will be a solar eclipse, a natural weather phenomenon which occurs approximately once in a hundred years.

Many scientists and astrologers have flocked to some parts of China to view this natural stunning phenomenon when day will become night and then day again.. all in minutes!

In the past, ancient societies like China and India view solar eclipse as something evil, I am more familar in the China context when solar eclipses were viewed as a phenomenon when the Celestial Dog ate up the moon. The villagers drummed, created tons of noise to scare the Celestial Dog, and thought they won in scaring the Celestial Dog off when the solar eclipse was over.

Anyway, Indian astrologers have warned that tomorrow's solar eclipse would be a sign of something drastic! No kidding, as I typed the above sentence, goosebumps appeared on me. Some Indian families postponed the birth of their babies tomorrow as the solar eclipse might, in their beliefs, cause some deformities in their newborns.

I held the view that natural calamities may occur due to solar eclipse not because of the superstitious beliefs but due to the fact that such a natural abnormality like a solar eclipse turns the laws and rules of nature around, disrupts the flow of the natural elements and hence natural disasters may really occur!

And if wars, like what the Indian astrologers really paint out, occur as a result of solar eclipse, I think it may be due to the fact that solar eclipse causes such disruption in natural flows on earth that it impacts human behavior such that humans deviate from normal behaviors.

Oh, I may be talking too much or thinking too much into this. Anyway, Singapore will not be able to view the solar eclipse occuring at different times in different countries. Latest news from China is that tomorrow, China's sky may be cloudy so much so that observations of solar eclipse may be disrupted!

Anyway, tomorrow when solar eclipse occurs, I will still be on MRT to work. Will the solar eclipse upset the natural flow to affect the MRT? ....

9 new NMPs sworn in

Yesterday, 9 new Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs) were sworn in. The 9 NMPs came from all walks of life, thus I look forward to a more lively exchange and debate which is constructive to the nation as a whole!

As noted by The Straits Times, former swimming queen and now NMP Joscelin Yeo wore the more colourful blue shirt of all the executive black suited Ministers and MPs in the Parliament. I hope like her dress, she will bring more diverse and exciting views into the national debates.

Ion Orchard Opens Today!

Befitting its name, Ion Orchard Shopping Mall, located on top of Orchard MRT Station opens today!

Ion Orchard is set to be Orchard Road's shining star. It boasts of a trove of new fashion label powerhouses and have a slew of exciting new concepts!

I have not been to Ion Orchard and Orchard Central which opened just 1 or 2 weeks ago, so I am going to check both of them out and share with all of you my experiences here!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Rolex Watches!

My friends and I are Rolex watch lovers, each boasting a fine collection of Rolex watches! Not only are we Rolex lovers, we are true enthusiasts, insisting on only the best Rolex watches when it comes to the purchases of these watches.

We have scoured the world for good shops selling Rolex watches in the past before we were introduced to Finest Watches by many other friends. Then on, we were hooked to Finest Watches for when it comes to selling of Rolex watches, Finest Watches is the Best!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Does Zoe Tay looks older than Fann Wong?

Recently the TV serial drama, "The Ultimatum" has drawn a flurry of negative comments from Singaporeans about the ridiculous storyline as well as the most contentious topic, which is also a tatoo in the showbiz industry; it is none-the-less the nemesis of women: age!
In the show, many have commented that though Caldecoot Queens Zoe Tay and Fann Wong each played a woman 34 years of age; Zoe, whose real age is 41 looks much older than Fann, whose real age is 38!
Many, especially women have stood by Zoe, saying that childbirth has taken more of a woman (Zoe has 2 kids). I think as I have mentioned in the blog some weeks ago, all this issue has surfaced up due to the 'High Definition' broadcast medium this show is telecast. High Definition is not as kind to Zoe than Fann.
Why should we bother about whether Zoe looks old? Everyone will be old one day, shall we always judge an artiste by her looks? In my opinion, both Zoe and Fann have aged gracefully, with Zoe not seeking botox or any other treatments to make her look younger.

Giant Bread!

If you have followed my blog post yesterday, you would have known that I have gotten a Giant Bread loaf home.So how do I manage to 'settle' this Giant bread? Let me tell you: I have to cut it up using a knife to eat it!

I must tell you that this Giant bread is simply very tasty! Especially the crispy brown crusts.... they are simply marvellous!

Singapore Chat

Dear All,

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For foreigners, this is the blog where you can read about the barest facts, truest facts of life in Singapore and the many Great places I share with you here can help you plan your lovely tour to our country!

To increase the interactiveness of us: readers and I and among readers, I have included a chatterbox on the right side of this panel for readers be it our local folks or overseas friends to drop a note.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Singapore confirms first H1N1-related death

A 49-year-old H1N1 patient, with multiple health problems, died on Saturday afternoon.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a statement that he died of a heart attack, contributed by severe pneumonia and H1N1 infection.

What a sad piece of news! Singapore has its 1st death due to H1N1!

Shimei East Kitchen

Hidden in a sleepy belt along Bedok North Ave 5 are buildings which are extraordinary! Why do I say so? Well Singaporeans have always been complaining that there are not many places to visit in Singapore besides the gamut of shopping centres in Orchard Road and the City areas. If you are one of these Singaporeans lost for places to visit on weekends or sick and tired of visiting those shopping centres again and again on weekends, only to find yourself jostling with the jam of crowd, then you should really consider the hidden jewels in Singapore, for which I have always uncovered in this website. Today, let me unveil to you the gem of these aforementioned buildings!

Though they look non-descript, these buildings are really repositories of some of the greatest food one can find in Singapore! The two buildings are Gourmet East Kitchen and Shimei East Kitchen, just a stone drop away from Changi Simei!

You look at the wordings inscribed on the top of these two buildings and ask yourself or me: “Are you sure these two buildings are kitchens? You must be kidding, a whole building as kitchen?” Well, do not underestimate this simple word ‘kitchen’, inside these two buildings are many where many food companies, wholesalers of food, kueh, frozen food, distributors of other food, catering companies.. these two buildings are food kingdoms! And why are these so attractive a jewel to us Singaporeans? Well as wholesalers of these food, the prices are the best! Significantly much lower than their equivalent retail prices!

On this lazy, cool and breezy Saturday afternoon, my Dear and I decided to explore this gem of a food haunt and to clinch some of the best food offers in town.

We started on the top floor (6th floor) of Shimei East Kitchen and explore the shops level by level down. What greeted us was a plethora of empty spaces of the food companies:

At this time, to our disappointment, many of the shops were closed. Haiz, undeterred, we explored further, shop after shop. The building hosts some of the best food names in town:

I must tell you that those many of the shops were closed, they were still operating at that time, around 4pm in terms of preparing the food. My Dear and I partook in the best aromas we ever have sniffed: aromas of frying red hot ‘balan-chem’ chilli, fried ikan bills and many more! We even caught sight of very old traditional machines, which I have thought have been ‘extinct’ in Singapore, machines that grind the coffee beans, one by one, filling in the air with the rich aroma and so on. Too bad, initially I would like to take some photos of these ‘treasures’ for your viewing but due to privacy issues and restriction, you would have to make a trip there to find out more!

Soon, my Dear and I reached a confectionary which is churning out very warm and freshest breads, the aroma is simply HEAVENLY! We approached the lady boss and asked her what was on offer.

To our surprise, we saw on sales ‘rainbow breads’!

Wow what a rare find! These breads are normally not sold or available on the market as these are normally sold to the ice-cream mobile peddlers plying their trade on the street, scooping out spoonfuls of ice-cream onto these ‘rainbow breads’, helping to satiate the thirsty passers-bys. THESE RAINBOW BREADS ARE HENCE A MUST BUY! Soon we bought these breads and ice-creams from the NTUC nearby to create our own ice-creams breads, yeah!

We also bought a giant bread, uncut! Not those that you see in the confectionary. But real uncut bread, that reminds me of a childhood story in which a hen bakes a cake, ya a BIG bread as follows:

How do I settle this bread? Do look out for my upcoming post soon!

Simpang Bedok Food

Today is Friday AT LAST!

It has been a week of working amidst some of the unpleasant working environments one can have, thus today, like all Fridays, I would indulge myself for here comes the coveted FRIDAY!, the day ALL employees look forward to!

I headed down to Simpang Bedok with my Dear and indulged in some Great food there!

For those who have not been to Simpang Bedok, I must tell you that this is really an enclave of one of the hidden Singapore' best foods. The dining environment is real relaxing. It is at a hidden corner beside the Simpang Bedok Post Office and one can have a jolly good time dining with your 'kakis' (friends) or loved ones under the stars.

I ordered the freshest and biggest fish and chips I ever eaten, and I must tell you the fish is served crisply fried hot and the meat is tender and succulent! YUM YUM!

To do justice to a Friday, we ordered Roti John and I must tell you the sauce is really in a perfect combination, befitting the Roti John from this stall called the Roti John King!

Not bad, tonight I had a feast with my Dear one under the romantic night sky!

Simpang Bedok food enclave is really happening! It is a 24/7 enclave and when I was there just hours ago, guess what? One of the stalls was playing rare videos of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson's performance.

Like the late King of Pop, Simpang Bedok Food enclave simply rocks!

Friday, July 17, 2009

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vivocity shopping centre

I must confess that I have not been to the newest shopping centre in town: Orchard Central, which would hence make this post slightly unfair. However, I must still say that Vivocity is still the No.1 shopping centre in my heart!

Why do I like Vivocity? The reason is not solely that it is the largest shopping mall in Singapore. The reasons I love about this shopping mall are two: 1) its plethora of walking space for shoppers (compare this with congested Tampiness Mall) 2) its buzz of activities ON the mall!

For reason 1, I do not need to explain much. For reason 2, one should just go to the rooftop at Vivocity either during day or night and you can still witness that the rooftop is really a dynamo of activities and a site to partake one of the best sea views of Singapore!

You can see lots of people of all ages and all walks of life engaging in one activity or another on the rooftop: students chatting, children playing in the pools, lovers romancing, old people talking. Plus there is a giant stage where great performances are staged regularly.

Apart from humans, I see strange but beautiful cows there too:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rainy days are here in Singapore again?

These days, it is hard for me to get up for work. Why is it so? The reason is that July has ushered in rainy days as well as rainy mornings. Just take a look at the photo I have taken this morning! The whole skies are laden with dark thunderstorm clouds! And then “it never rains but it pours” soon after, as the saying goes.

I welcome rainy days! Singapore does not have any cool seasons. The annual rainy seasons are Singapore’s only reprieves from the sweltering heat and humidity which makes us so uncomfortable everyday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How much would you pay for Square Watermelons?

Many years ago, I have read that the Japanese have been successful in cultivating watermelons of all shapes and sizes such as Square Watermelons.

Recently these square watermelons made their way into Singapore, available commercially in Carrefour supermarkets for Singaporeans to try something extraordinary of a watermelon ….. for $199 (price of a 4 kg Square watermelon)!

I thought to myself: What a high price to pay for a watermelon! For $199, I can have a feast in a restaurant. Or if I am a watermelon lover, I could have more than 20 ordinary watermelons at this price!

I wonder whether it would be the very rich who is willing to buy this square watermelon? The mindset of anyone who buys such watermelons is ultimately just to try it .. for once. It is a costly fruit if one wants to eat them weekly!

Besides the shape, there are not many additional benefits square watermelons have over their common peers, so this price is really high and could be just to justify for the painstakingly work and technology invested in harvesting this square watermelon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr. William Tan

This photo of a bald man masked in two surgical masks may not be familiar to you, but this is really Dr. William Tan, a Singaporean most respected for his contributions to charity taking into account his own background.

Dr William Tan, paralyzed from the waist down due to polio at aged two has never given up to fate or his disabilities. He has preserved, endured all the taunting by his peers during school days and worked his way to become a medical doctor and a neuroscientist he is today, helping to heal lives in his profession.

But he has never forgotten about the other needy and the unfortunate in the world. From his wheelchair, he has raised funds for many charities all over the world in expeditions like conquering the Arctic, attempting the Antartic and perhaps the toughest of all, successfully completing 7 marathons in 7 continents in 27 days and creating a world record, and these are but just a small number of charity feats he has carried out. He has raised thousands of dollars for charities the world over, no mean feat for a man who did it from his wheelchair!

Dr William Tan has also inspired thousands of common folks in his many inspirational talks around the world, as well as inspiring others less fortunate in his sharing of experiences to turn adversity into opportunities.

Dr William Tan has still lots of his charity projects he wants to carry out to continue raising funds for charities around the world but alas, a greater challenge now awaits him!

Suffering from continuous nose bleedings during one of his overseas expeditions which delayed his timing for the race significantly, Dr William Tan visited a local doctor only to learn that he has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, a disease in which his blood cells become damaged and grow out of control. During one of his treatments, Dr William Tan suffered such a low heart rate, that the feeling “was colder than Antartic” in his own worlds that he almost passed on.

The disease has left Dr William Tan’s immune system so weak that he has to speak to reporters from two surgical masks to reduce infection (as illustrated in the photo). The cancer chemotherapy sessions also left him bald and constantly tired as a result.

Leukaemia is now the greatest challenge for Dr William Tan and Dr William Tan, always the fighter at heart, vowed to overcome his disease and continue to do his best for charity.

Dr Tan’s current mission which he has taken on before the knowledge of his disease is to raise at least S$70,000 for the Straits times School Pocket Money Fund on 26 Sep 09 by towing children around a running track. If you wish to contribute towards this worthy cause, cross your cheque to "School Pocket Money Fund" and send to Research Communication International, 20 Upper Circular Road, #02-21 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416. Please indicate "Cycle of Hope" on the back of the cheque.

To all readers reading this blog post, I hope Dr William Tan’s story can inspire you to make the fullest of your life and do your part for the charity! While many of us are busy with work, family or dating, I believe there is just so much we can do in our lives to live to the fullest and also to help others.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are Singaporeans Pampered?

Look at the photo above and what do you see?

No, this picture is not about the construction of yet another overhead bridge! I have used this bridge for a myraid of times!

An sheltered coverway is being constructed for the existing overhead bridge. Sometime I wonder whether Singaporeans are just being too pampered or too fortunate! These days, a myriad network of covered linkways help shelter Singaporeans from one block of flats to another, from their flats to the bus stop, and also overhead bridges are now being covered!

I hate the merciless sun shining on this little island but Singaporeans, in my opinion, can still 'tahan' a bit of sunshine to make them more rugged!

I visionalise in the coming 10 or 20 years, due to global warming, Singaporeans may even have the whole of a shopping district like Orchard Road air-conditioned! It would be a good prospect if we could use the sun's energy to generate air-conditioning to cover some places here! With the advent of technology, nothing is impossible!

Why you should buy and wear N95 now?

Singaporeans should buy and wear N95 masks now due to the H1N1 situation here, to protect themselves, this is inevitable.
But recently, there is now another good reason to buy and wear N95 masks: the reason is due to the haze since yesterday clouding Singapore. Indonesia has again burnt acres of forests to clear their land for farming or other purposes! I feel sick on the two days of this weekend being outside and subjecting myself to breathing in those stupid pollutants... I must get a N95 mask soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pen your wishes for Singapore's 44th National Day and be part of the largest Singapore Flag made from wishing cards!

This coming National Day, pen your wishes for Singapore and play a part in the piecing of Singapore's largest national day flag made from greeting cards!

Organized by the Changi Simei Citizen's Consultative Committee, the project is a meaningful one as it allows ordinary Singaporeans to express their hopes, wishes and aspiration for Singapore.

The committee hopes to gather 8,000 greeting cards and make a record in Singapore's books of records as the largest National Flag made from greeting cards!

Catch this largest National Flag on TV on 9 Aug 09!

Why I know so much leh? My friend told me and I was given this card to sign loh...

keke I am one of the 8,000 card penners so look out for my very unique card if can viewed from TV loh on National Day!

I read the newspapers, some Singaporeans want the NDP committee to invite well-known Singaporeans based overseas like Gong Li to recite the Singapore's anthem. I do not think its a good idea, NDP is more about celebrating the lives of ordinary Singaporeans, as this year NDP committee has rightfully point out and did, Singapore is not here to grandstand by having these prominent overseas Singaporeans take the limelight.

What SAF and a Cat has in common?

In the army, we learn how to camouflage, to blend with the surroundings, so that we are not easily detected by the enemies. Recently, SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) has even revamped the SAF uniform: a lighter green, pixelled overalls to better make our soldiers less detectable by the enemies! This is not military rule, this is the law of nature: the law of existence!

Unlike the other animals in the wild, whose daily existence each day is to survive, man today may have it easier. We do not need to camouflage everyday for survival except in the military, when we need to do so for defence of our nation! However, the survival mentality is always played out in the daily sphere of office politics!

Today, my Dear and I spotted something interesting, see picture below:

Can you see anything besides the brown soil? Yes, there is a cat! whose coat of fur is almost identical to the brown soily ground! That is what SAF, a Cat, or should I say animals in the wild have in common: the need to camouflage against our enemies. A cat, like any animal knows this fact too!

Some of your readers may be saying I am making a big fuss! The cat may just be sitting there after a tiring day and then I link this scene to the 'camouflage' theory. Anyway, some of you may even ask whose are the enemies of the cat? There are not many stray dogs in Singapore anyway.

Well, like the SAF which constantly has to innovate to ward off unconventional enemies, the cat also has unconventional enemies like those pervertic cat see SAF, the cat and any other animals are so similar in this concept of self-defence and survival!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Changi Airport: the MOST Happening Place in Singapore!

Just look at the cosy transit area in Changi Airport Terminal 3!
Everytime i visit our airport, I would envy those who are in this transit area as they are surely going overseas for either work or most likely recreation!
Changi Airport, comprising of its 3 cosy terminals, in my opinion is one of the Best place to be at during weekends.
In the airport, one can find a slew of restaurants, book stores, shops and a good view of the giant aircrafts! There are not too many people to disturb you should you hold a meeting or gathering with your friends or relatives. For lovebirds, Changi Airport is a romantic place, especially on weekend nights.

I love Changi Airport as it is less noisy compared to the raft of city and orchard road shopping malls. Here, one can partake slowly the sights and conversation with your friends or enjoy the soul-benefiting silent ritual of being alone.

In Changi Airport, one is also in touch with the world, for the world touches down at this airport too.


Dear Readers,

Many Thanks for your support!

These days, I have been very busy thus could not have the time to update my blog.

Catch up with you tomorrow!

Sorry for the inconveniences caused, SSS will return with more happenings tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Southern-most point of the Asian Continent!

SINGAPORE is the southern-most COUNTRY of the Asian Continent.

SENTOSA is the southern-most ISLAND of Singapore that still falls within the Asian territory.

Palawan Beach is the southern-most beach of Sentosa.

A mini-beach that is connected to Palawan Beach, south of the beach is the southern-most mini-beach of Sentosa …..

Hence the Southern-most point of the Asian Continent is the mini-beach off Palawan beach!

It has been years since I set foot on the Southern-most point of the Asian Continent, however the same excitement filled me as my Dear and I visited the place some weeks ago.

There is now a watching tower at the point, offering visitors an unparalleled bird-eye view of the surrounding seas and most parts of the Sentosa island!

The bridge connecting to the point from Palawan Beach truly rocks from side to side.

A most beautiful southernmost point of Asia, replete with the sun, sand and the seas! Next time, I must go to the northernmost, westernmost, easternmost point of Asia too! Wonder where are these places?

In my opinion, the northernmost point will be somewhere in Russia, the westernmost point will be somewhere in Turkey and the easternmost point will be somewhere in China!

How to lock your folder?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Purrecious Cat Show 2009 by Feline Fanciers Society of Singapore

Last weekend, cats stole the limelight at Eastpoint mall with the Purrecious Cat Show 2009 held in the shopping mall. The event was organized by the Feline Fanciers Society of Singapore and it drew a crowd of pet owners with their felines, all hoping to win the coveted titles in the feline competition!

I am not really a cat lover, only seeing those stray cats in the streets almost daily. Those cats which were strutting their stuff in the feline competition were real fortunate! Most of them were real fat! attesting to the good lives they live!

There were two Japanese judges and I could see that they really were serious and attentive when come to the judging of each feline!

I had the great opportunity to see a variety of cute cats. Some of which are really nice and elegant:
and for most of the cats, they simply sleep throughout the competition only to be awaken by their owners when it came to their turns to be taken to the stage to be judged.

I did not stay throughout the end of the competition as time did not permit me to do so. Anyway, I think every cat there has its day at the competition!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Latest News: The fight against H1N1 extends to Singapore's Animals!

Singapore has roped in its most favorite cats in its fight against the flu bugbear, Influenza (A) H1N1: our dear Singa Lions!

The year has been packed for our our beloved Singa Lions! Just a few months ago, they were busy embracing and championing the kindness and courtesy calls, if you have seen my blog posts earlier on these photos:

Now with the H1N1 flu statistics rising locally, they have been roped in by the government to assist with the dissemination of the fight against H1N1 by reminding Singaporeans and foreigners staying on this little country to be medically and socially responsible.

Yes, our dear Singas have been kept busy since their 'come-back' after some months of leave from the courtesy front. Now it is heartening that they have increased their job responsibilities to encourage people to be medically and socially responsible beside their inherent duties to help improve Singaporeans' software.

In the meantime, our Singa's brother, Frasia, is also busy, helping to foster international and regional relations as the mascot for the ongoing Asian Youth Games!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Resorts World at Sentosa

I boarded the Sentosa Express to visit Sentosa last Saturday and had a closer glimpse at Sentosa Resorts World which is currently under construction on the train. I have no doubt that Sentosa will be rejuvenated into a great tourist attraction, but I believe that Singapore and Sentosa will be even a fun place to live and play in, for Singaporeans and tourists alike if it were less HOT!

I am sorry to admit that despites being a true Singaporean who have lived on this island for years, I have never come to terms with the INCREDIBILY HOT AND HUMID weather!. It is a mad idea to be without shelters for more than 30 minutes under the red hot blazing sun! MM Lee has also praised the invention of air-con before!

Launch of New CAAS and Changi Airport Group

The new CAAS and Changi Airport Group were launched on 1st July 09 with Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew gracing the launching ceremony.

News of the corporatisation of CAAS, then the regulatory body overseeing the Changi Airport’s operation was first announced 2 to 3 years ago. With the corporatisation, CAAS was split into two bodies: one regulatory governmental arm (the new CAAS) and the other operational private arm ( Changi Airport Group). The corporatisation is to increase the competitiveness of our airports among the booming airport trade.

Our airport ranking has slipped down from the top spot to the 3rd spot, attesting to the strong competitiveness of regional and international airports.
Changi Airport Terminal 4 and 5 are on the cards of Singapore Government. When the 5 airport terminals are up and running, Singapore’s Changi will be transformed into a global airport hub! But I wonder whether these new terminals will be fully utilized?

Powered by Powder: HDTVs and TCS artistes

I read an article recently in a newspapers reporting on the trend of HDTVs and their influences on TCS artistes.

The local drama, “The Ultimatum” currently showing on National TVs, is made in HD (High Definition). The article goes on to reveal the insecurities revealed by the ‘supposedly’ glamorous artistes. As you see, when you are in HD, any pores, pimples, scars on you will be clearly shown bare to the audience… there is only so much that make-ups can do for the artistes. Hence we can really see the real TCS artistes, not artistes who are powered by powder!

Is Life Fair?

With a little time on my side, I would like to take on this philosophical theme. My definite and resolute answer is that life CAN BE fair.

In my life, I have seen many who have such bad character, personality, treat others badly, are unkind, evil leading a good life. They are rich, they flaunt their wealth, lead a very good life, however they trample on others, treat others like rubbish. I have seen management who is utterly incompetent who steps down on the lower-ranked subordinates yet lead a good life.

You may be witnessing and even experiencing this time and again in your daily life. Bad people leading a comfortable life in luxury, having material possessions. You look at yourself, compare to these assholes and wonder why, you, who are capable, talented and by much better than them in capability, IQ and EQ are ‘buried’ and seem to be always losing to these assholes. You wonder whether life is fair at all?

My response is for you NOT to worry. The Karmic laws will soon catch up with all evil-doers in this world: The rich who are evil, the people who are evil in nature. The laws of Karma will befall them, maybe not in their lifetime, but in their next lives. Maybe not to them, but to their future generations. Life can be fair, just that we may not be around to see justice being served on evil baddies in the world!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Singapore Merlion

The majestic Merlion viewing tower at Sentosa!

As you might have known if you are a regular reader of mine, my Dear and I visited Sentosa last Saturday and found ourselves braving the merciless strong rays of the burning Sun without a shelter in sight. As you see, Sentosa is really without much shelters save for the bus stations! And if you are looking for aircon, so sorry to say that you can find them in the many places of interests in Sentosa which are really not cheap! But if you are really very desperate to get out of the scalding hot sun, visit the souvenir shops which will really give you a good relief!

Anyway, today I am going to talk about the Merlion, which is really an icon of Singapore. It is not only an icon, it is a unique emblem of Singapore! There is no such animal like a Merlion. It is a legend, a legend that is almost like Singapore: Singapore having become a first-world global metropolis from a sleepy fishing village in less than 40 years!

The Merlion is really symbolic of Singapore. The Merlion, like China’s national icon: the Dragon is really a legend and a powerful creature! The Merlion is half-lion and half-fish, so as to speak. The lion is Singapore’s national animal icon and the fish symbolizes the fishing village that Singapore once was. The Merlion is bold to overcome all challenges, can swim against the tide of uncertainly, certainly a formidable national icon of Singapore!

I am glad that the Merlion has taken on a cute look with the creative juices of the current
National Day Parade team.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Singapore Lifts: When the lift is down….

Nowadays, HDB flats are built with lifts situated on every floor. Singaporeans are now so used to taking the lift to get to and out from their homes. Staircases are now seldomly used.

The lift in my HDB flat malfunctioned today. Hence I have to use the stairs up and down to and fro from my home. Along the way, though it is tiring (been ages since I used the stairs), I discovered the following benefits of using stairs over lifts:

a) environment friendly (lifts consume electricity)
b) exercise and physical workout
c) meet neighbours who you never know exist on the block
d) get some tips of home design (as you pass your neighbours’ doors)

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