Saturday, July 18, 2009

Simpang Bedok Food

Today is Friday AT LAST!

It has been a week of working amidst some of the unpleasant working environments one can have, thus today, like all Fridays, I would indulge myself for here comes the coveted FRIDAY!, the day ALL employees look forward to!

I headed down to Simpang Bedok with my Dear and indulged in some Great food there!

For those who have not been to Simpang Bedok, I must tell you that this is really an enclave of one of the hidden Singapore' best foods. The dining environment is real relaxing. It is at a hidden corner beside the Simpang Bedok Post Office and one can have a jolly good time dining with your 'kakis' (friends) or loved ones under the stars.

I ordered the freshest and biggest fish and chips I ever eaten, and I must tell you the fish is served crisply fried hot and the meat is tender and succulent! YUM YUM!

To do justice to a Friday, we ordered Roti John and I must tell you the sauce is really in a perfect combination, befitting the Roti John from this stall called the Roti John King!

Not bad, tonight I had a feast with my Dear one under the romantic night sky!

Simpang Bedok food enclave is really happening! It is a 24/7 enclave and when I was there just hours ago, guess what? One of the stalls was playing rare videos of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson's performance.

Like the late King of Pop, Simpang Bedok Food enclave simply rocks!

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