Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard Shopping mall opened with great fanfare on Tuesday 21 July 09 and my Dear and I visited the sprawling mall yesterday!
The shopping mall was chokeful of people, and people and more people! I found the mall, glitzy on its facade was not as big as I have expected on the inside. There were just 4 storeys of high fashion labels and powerhouses.

The basement of the mall was like more tricky. We thought the mall has just 2 basement levels. It was only after we went around to explore the other parts of the mall that we learnt that there was 4 basement levels in all, with Basement 4 being the place of food!

Ion Orchard was distinctly more flashy in terms of facade than its counterparts on Orchard Road. But it was just another typical shopping experience in the inside of Ion Orchard. And comparing Orchard Central with Ion Orchard, both my Dear and I would give Orchard Central the thumbs up for giving a more extraordinary, relaxed and uniquely different shopping experience of Orchard Road!

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