Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How much would you pay for Square Watermelons?

Many years ago, I have read that the Japanese have been successful in cultivating watermelons of all shapes and sizes such as Square Watermelons.

Recently these square watermelons made their way into Singapore, available commercially in Carrefour supermarkets for Singaporeans to try something extraordinary of a watermelon ….. for $199 (price of a 4 kg Square watermelon)!

I thought to myself: What a high price to pay for a watermelon! For $199, I can have a feast in a restaurant. Or if I am a watermelon lover, I could have more than 20 ordinary watermelons at this price!

I wonder whether it would be the very rich who is willing to buy this square watermelon? The mindset of anyone who buys such watermelons is ultimately just to try it .. for once. It is a costly fruit if one wants to eat them weekly!

Besides the shape, there are not many additional benefits square watermelons have over their common peers, so this price is really high and could be just to justify for the painstakingly work and technology invested in harvesting this square watermelon.

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