Monday, July 27, 2009

H1N1 news: 5th H1N1 death today

Singapore reported its 5th H1N1 death today with 4 more Singaporeans sent to the Intensive Care Units of the hospitals.
The H1N1 is really wrecking havoc in Singapore! No matter how the Ministry of Health has done a good job since the outbreak of the first H1N1 cases in the world: alas, H1N1 is now unstoppable, and it has now become a common fact that H1N1 is spreading locally among the community and causing deaths practically on a daily basis now!
To protect yourself against H1N1, stay away from crowds. And when someone near you sniff or cough, please distant yourself, if need be, stand up from the seat and walk away, there is no need to be polite when your life is at stake

Exercise more regularly and eat more vitamins!
Good lucks to you, and wish you H1N1 free!

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