Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are Singaporeans Pampered?

Look at the photo above and what do you see?

No, this picture is not about the construction of yet another overhead bridge! I have used this bridge for a myraid of times!

An sheltered coverway is being constructed for the existing overhead bridge. Sometime I wonder whether Singaporeans are just being too pampered or too fortunate! These days, a myriad network of covered linkways help shelter Singaporeans from one block of flats to another, from their flats to the bus stop, and also overhead bridges are now being covered!

I hate the merciless sun shining on this little island but Singaporeans, in my opinion, can still 'tahan' a bit of sunshine to make them more rugged!

I visionalise in the coming 10 or 20 years, due to global warming, Singaporeans may even have the whole of a shopping district like Orchard Road air-conditioned! It would be a good prospect if we could use the sun's energy to generate air-conditioning to cover some places here! With the advent of technology, nothing is impossible!

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