Saturday, July 11, 2009

What SAF and a Cat has in common?

In the army, we learn how to camouflage, to blend with the surroundings, so that we are not easily detected by the enemies. Recently, SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) has even revamped the SAF uniform: a lighter green, pixelled overalls to better make our soldiers less detectable by the enemies! This is not military rule, this is the law of nature: the law of existence!

Unlike the other animals in the wild, whose daily existence each day is to survive, man today may have it easier. We do not need to camouflage everyday for survival except in the military, when we need to do so for defence of our nation! However, the survival mentality is always played out in the daily sphere of office politics!

Today, my Dear and I spotted something interesting, see picture below:

Can you see anything besides the brown soil? Yes, there is a cat! whose coat of fur is almost identical to the brown soily ground! That is what SAF, a Cat, or should I say animals in the wild have in common: the need to camouflage against our enemies. A cat, like any animal knows this fact too!

Some of your readers may be saying I am making a big fuss! The cat may just be sitting there after a tiring day and then I link this scene to the 'camouflage' theory. Anyway, some of you may even ask whose are the enemies of the cat? There are not many stray dogs in Singapore anyway.

Well, like the SAF which constantly has to innovate to ward off unconventional enemies, the cat also has unconventional enemies like those pervertic cat see SAF, the cat and any other animals are so similar in this concept of self-defence and survival!

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