Sunday, July 05, 2009

Latest News: The fight against H1N1 extends to Singapore's Animals!

Singapore has roped in its most favorite cats in its fight against the flu bugbear, Influenza (A) H1N1: our dear Singa Lions!

The year has been packed for our our beloved Singa Lions! Just a few months ago, they were busy embracing and championing the kindness and courtesy calls, if you have seen my blog posts earlier on these photos:

Now with the H1N1 flu statistics rising locally, they have been roped in by the government to assist with the dissemination of the fight against H1N1 by reminding Singaporeans and foreigners staying on this little country to be medically and socially responsible.

Yes, our dear Singas have been kept busy since their 'come-back' after some months of leave from the courtesy front. Now it is heartening that they have increased their job responsibilities to encourage people to be medically and socially responsible beside their inherent duties to help improve Singaporeans' software.

In the meantime, our Singa's brother, Frasia, is also busy, helping to foster international and regional relations as the mascot for the ongoing Asian Youth Games!

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