Friday, November 06, 2009

Vernon Leong Jun Wei

What happens to the 31 year old bride groom, Vernon Leong Jun Wei?

As the news of this latest unnatural and bizzare death developed, it seemed that Vernon did not jump from the 24th storey of Hilton Hotel as was believed earlier. There were 3 video camera footages which might prove otherwises for the cause of Vernon's death.

The first video footage showed Vernon at the 24th storey, making his way hurriedly into the fire escape staircase. The next video footage showed Vernon at the 2nd storey which also holds some shops and the final footage showed an unconscious Vernon motionless at the ground of the hotel.

Vernon was cladded casually in a T-shirt and pants and have left his hotel room while his wife was taking a shower. It seemed that he might be escaping from something or somebody or that he might be chasing after something or somebody.

What did Vernon see and experience at his last moments? The police is still investigating the case. It is really a very tragical and sad episode for his family as Vernon's happiest day at his Chinese wedding dinner turned out to be the day he bade farewell to all his relatives and friends.

Is there any supernatural links to this case? Did Vernon see any supernatural bodies which cause him to be so petrified and make for a quick escape?

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