Monday, September 29, 2008


One can attend lots of training and courses in his lifetime but it is of no use if he cannot apply the knowledge gained from these training courses to better himself.

Knowledge gained from a course will rapidly decrease to zero after one has returned home from the course and chuck the course materials into some hidden corners in his home.

And in less than a day, he will have forgotten what he has learnt in class!

The most important point to bring to a training course is one’s attitude towards the course: Is he just trying to pass time in the class or is he not only an active recipient of knowledge in the course but also a proactive participator in class?

Each course is unique. Attending the same courses on different locations is never the same, though the course materials may not be changed. The learning experiences provided to the participants in a course come not only from the course materials, it also arises from the sharing between the participants and between the participants and the lecturers. Thus the quality of the learning experiences gleaned from every course is never the same as the lecturer and participants would always be different.
Generally I feel that the older and more experienced trainer have more real-time experiences and knowledge outside of class that is applicable to the topic to share with course participants. A lecturer cannot just be regurgitating the points made on the powerpoint slides. An effective lecturer is also one who engages the class, never making time in the class a dull moment.

In a nutshell, I believe the trainer himself has the overall control to set the tone, mood in a training class and to facilitate learning and sharing in class. It will be a waste of time if one meets a course lecturer who just regurgitates from the powerpoint slides and dimiss the class early, without facilitating an effective sharing and knowledge transfer in the course.

Fantastic Singapore F1 !

I watched the fantastic Singapore F1 race on TV just few hours ago.

I was glued to the TV for 3 hours to watch the adrenalin-pumping action of 20 speed demons navigating the challenging 5.8 km Singapore circuit.

There were twists and turns in both the circuit as well as in the action itself.

Masas who was leading the pack, ultimately became No. 13 and there were unexpected hits and crashes during the race as well to add to the excitement.

If not for Singapore’s hosting of the F1, I would have never watch a F1 race in my life.

If not for Singapore’s top table tennis peddlers playing in the finals of international table tennis competitions, I would have never watch an international table tennis match in my life.

Singapore’s hosting of creative top international events opens the eyes of the world to Singapore as much as it opens the eyes of Singaporeans to international events.

Singapore reinvention of Night

The world’s first F1 night race held successfully just an hour ago was one of the innovations by Singapore: An F1 race is ordinary, holding it at night then becomes creativity.

Just some months ago, Singapore also hosts the Sundown marathon, a marathon that is special because it was one that began at night and last till early morning the following day.

And we have one of the world class night attractions: Night Safari! Again, an innovative concept using night to make a safari (which is normally opened in the day) to become an innovation.

I am not surprised if we can continue to hold certain international large scale events at night, this will increase the excitement and creativity aspect of the event and attract greater global attention!

A safari itself is an innovation: it is a reinvention of zoo: animals in cage and people are free where for safari, it is : people in ‘cage’ and animals are set free.

Marvellous Clarke Quay !

I went with my Dear to Clarke Quay yesterday night, my first time visit since the place was revamped.

Clarke Quay was revamped beyond my recognition! It looked as if I was in an actual European place filled with pubs, alfresco dining by the beautifully lit Singapore River (lit in line with the Singapore River Festival) and many other interesting shops.

Clarke Quay has become a jewel, it is simply a beautiful and romantic place!

Two Thursdays?

This coming week will be a short week (a 4 day week, with Wednesday being Hari Raya Puasa).

The working people will be happy with this coming shorter week! (not to mention me of course!)

Let us see such ‘holiday week’ in this perspective and we will be even happier: treat Wednesday which is a public holiday as a Saturday (a resting day), and hence tomorrow which is Monday will thus become Thursday! When Thursdays come in every week, I believe every working people will become happier: thus bring this emotion to work tomorrow: a Monday which becomes a Thursday already.

Similarly when the coming Tuesday is here, it is like Friday and when the coming Thursday (the real one) comes, its just two more days to counting for the real Saturday!

See this coming week in this perspective, working week will become even shorter and it will become even shorter if some of the working folks clear some leaves in the coming week!

Bus diversion

I had a bit of adventure today as I took a bus, Bus service No. 10 whose route has been affected by the Singapore F1 race.

As such the bus travelled along other ‘unprescribed’ routes, making the journey exciting and fun for me. This bus even travelled into Chinatown as part of the diversion route.

I enjoyed the alternative unknown route which my familiar bus took me to as it was one of the rare times that bus services could be diverted.

And not to add, a rare experience too!

Crises in the recent decades

1939 to 1945: World War II
1962: Cuban Missile crisis
1979 to 1982: High oil price and third world debt
1985 to 1987: US stock market and US real estate bubble (Black Monday)
1990: Japanese stock market and property bubble
1991: Iraq-Kuwait War
1994 to 1995: Mexico crisis
1997 to 1998: Asia currency crisis
2000 to 2001: Technology bubble
2001: The 911 incident
2003: SARS
2007 to 2008: Sub-prime, credit crisis and high inflation

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Power of F1

As soon as my Dear and I stepped out of Raffles Place MRT Station today at around 7.30 pm, we were greeted with the high-pitching, enthralling 'vrooming' sounds of the F1 cars.....

It seems surreal to hear the sound of F1 cars buzzing not far away, right in the heart of the financial heart.

This is the first time I witnessed for myself the 130 dB vrooming of the buzzing speed demons and in Singapore.

Read that Singapore will be hosting the Grand Prix for 5 years with this year being the first of the series.

Singaporeans should come down to Raffles Place or Marina Bay area tomorrow night to experience the power of F1.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 Singapore

Though I was not out there like thousands of Singapore today at Marina Bay to 'catch' a little of the action of the Grand Prix rehearsal, nevertheless I watched it on Channel 5. It was AMAZING! Never imagine such a great piece of action could actually happen here and right in the heart of CBD!

This was the first time I actually watched a F1 race-related show and to watch my first F1 race-related show in Singapore F1 is real meaningful!

As expected, Singapore has done a GREAT job in creating the first ever F1 night race, delivering the project in 10 months whereby other countries would need 2 years to complete the same scope of work!

This is what makes Singapore tick: efficiency and effectiveness.. these traits are now synonymous with Singaporeans.

Actually, the sounds of machines emanating from the speed devils could be heard everyday.........wat I mean is some really ignorant folks manipulating their motor machines and tearing down the streets, to the anger of many, polluting the streets, endangering others' lives, while they assume themselves to be Lewis Hamilton.

I cannot blame them. Some people may not have much achievement and thus doing such naive things are the very best things they can do to appease their soul and affirm their self worth!

Friday, September 26, 2008

96 year old man files for divorce!

I read the news today that a 96-year old man is filing for a divorce with his 74-year old wife!

He was still quite fit for his age and mentally alert enough to be able to file for a divorce.

But it is sad to see divorce even at his very old age.

Another MRT glitch in one day?

Today, after being 'tortured' by the MRT glitch in the morning, at the end of the day, knowing the coming start of weekends, I heaved a sigh of relief at having survived one whole week.

I increased the pace of my walk towards the MRT station to take the train back. Nearing the platform, I saw the display board indicating that the train I was going to take would be departing soon!

Naturally, I ran so as not to miss the departing train and to waste precious time waiting for another. Few other passengers who noticed the display also ran forth to catch the train.

When we were finally in the train, we became surprised after the train did not move within 5 minutes. All this while, there were many passengers streaming, running into the train, assuming that the train would really be departing soon.

Another MRT glitch I encountered in a day!


You spend hours and hours preparing, rehearsing, finetuning for an endeavour which is very important to you.

It could be a performance which would showcase your finest skills to the world or it could be a test which would take you to the other higher stage of life.

But alas, on that most important date, you fumble or you gave it your best shot but still could not make it.

The hours spent preparing and rehearsing hence seems to be a complete waste of time as ultimately you are not able to achieve what you want.

In life, it is not the achievement that counts always, it’s the process of endeavour and learning along the endeavouring that is more worthy.

I believe time is not wasted in practices, as there are certainly always things to learn along the way.

Its giving your best shots, trying your very Best and not regretting that you have not tried hard enough in the future.

When things do not fall within your expectations, you are able to say ‘I have tried my Best already’ and with that, it is the already better enough than actually achieving the goal which is the Best of course!

SMRT services

Something went wrong with the SMRT train services yet again!

This morning as usual, I take the train to work. All seemed well as usual but when the train came, it was super-packed!

Then the announcement came forth to inform the passengers that ‘‘Due to a train incident, train services would be delayed for 20 minutes’’.

But the delay was more than 20 minutes, it was almost half an hour. Waiting for the stalled train ate up so much time, and the other contributing factor was that when the train moved, it moved and stopped intermittently!

When the seeming efficient MRT service FIRST encountered problem, it was deemed to be an ‘isolated case’. But now and then, the frequency of such train service disruptions has become more frequent that it become an ‘expected’ incident and to think that we are actually paying higher MRT fares for the train services!

There must be a surge in the SMS sent by Singaporeans today as so many affected working Singaporeans were seen sending SMSes to inform their bosses, colleagues, family or friends about the disruption and advising them not to take the train this morning.

On another related note, it is disconcerting to me to witness the security personnel stationed at the MRT stations are mainly people in their advanced stages of life. More disconcerting is the fact that I always see them chatting with others, smsing, sitting down in a relaxed posture, etc instead of vigilantly deterring terrorist acts.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Revamp of Singapore Short Stories

This website was revamped today with the following changes:

a) a new layout template for the blog

b) implementation of labels to act as cabinets to collect all related blogs together

The above changes are carried out for You, readers!

Putting labels individually on 500 odd blog posts take many days, but its worth the effort!

Thanks for visiting my website and hope you have an Enjoyable time here!

Singapore F1

Singapore F1, the first F1 night race ever, will be held here, right here, in our country in less than 2 days, with the practice session held tomorrow night.

It seems that many Singaporeans are nonchalant about the race, with me inclusive; ‘what is the hype about F1’: the common thinking of the average layman.

To many, F1 is just one of the many many ‘invented festivals’ of Singapore! There is the ongoing Singapore River Festival and even a Singapore SUN festival! These festivals in the eyes of many Singaporeans, are being held to capture a slice of the tourism market, and the F1 is no exception!

Look around us, recent developments like the Singapore IR, the Integrated Resorts, the Esplanade; many Singaporeans would tend to think that these are built to attract tourists.

So what if these infrastructures are built and events held to attract tourists? Singaporeans tend to benefit as a result from the use of these infrastructures and the visiting of these events! In fact, I relish all these events as most of them are free and they add a touch of excitement and vibrancy to the normally monotonous Singapore.

Some events include the Sheares Bridge Run, the Singapore Fireworks Festival, Singapore Arts Festival and the current Singapore River Festival, Singapore Sun Festival, Singapore Biennale, and the list goes on and on…. What a list!

I applaud the government for creatively thinking of so many festivals! It is the right step to go in the current world as creativity is the only sustainable competitive advantage of a nation!

It can only make living in this little red dot more exciting though frankly speaking, I find the general hype and revelling among Singaporeans for the current Singapore F1 is not up to expectation.

The publicity of the event, via the various media, in my opinion, has to play a part in such lukewarm reception. Media has always portrayed the event as one for the well-heeled by the various reporting of how much the rich is willing to pay just to get a seat in the F1 venue to catch the action, the price of the food served, etc……

All these astronomical amounts splashed out by the rich on F1 is beyond imagination of the common Singaporeans who earn a decent living.

It is no wonder that many Singaporeans may find that the F1 is for the rich only.

It may thus be the reason why the excitement of most Singaporeans is ‘not there’ yet.

Morning session for all Singapore Primary Schools

The government is looking into a proposal to hold all the classes of primary schools in Singapore in the morning, giving time in the afternoon to the primary school students to take on additional self-development programmes.

It is a good mood though such proposal could need additional teachers and schools to house all the primary school classes from Primary 1 to Primary 6 all in one morning setting.

The Ministry of Education is also looking into upping the minimum entry level of all teachers including Primary School teachers to that of a bachelor. More studies to be done on this.

One thought I immediately have upon the MOE’s proposal for a single morning session for the primary schools is that roads may become even more congested and the already ‘sandwiched’ buses and MRT in the morning may become more packed, with more students and workers clamouring for the coveted seats and places in the buses and MRT!

Lousy manager

A lousy manager is also one who could not discover the hidden talent of an outstanding individual and casts him aside, giving promotion opportunities to those who have no talent but nevertheless know how to ‘curry favour’ , ‘wayang’ and ‘impress’.

General Knowledge of Singapore Youths low?

General Knowledge of Singapore Youths seems to be low.

Many of them do not know that USA is currently undergoing a major economic crisis from one report I read.

I have also seen in some shows that some of them do not even know the names of key political leaders in our country!

I hope it is just a minority of Singapore Youth else it will be worrying for the future of Singapore as Youths are future masters of our country.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


With time being a premium, I do not have the time to read every article in the newspapers everyday.

I had to quickly glance through 5 sets of newspapers everyday though I would be very much like to read in details each of these articles in the newspapers.. but I simply had no time!

Newspapers pack a gem of knowledge in them, to read every article in the newspapers is a worthy act as one's horizon, knowledge and perspectives will be will take more than 6 hours a day to read every single article in the Straits Times... just my rough guess as I have not attempted this feat before.

If one has too much spare time to spare, I would like to recommend him to read newspapers and as many as possible!

And with blogs, internet news, the choices to a reader is further expanded beyond imagination and there is increasing competition between the traditional printed media and the online media to capture its readers.

Carpe diem !

Well, today is Wednesday already, how time flies… its going to be October soon and it seems to me that Jan 08 was just some days before only!

How time passes! Days pass, soon it will be months, and then it will be YEARS! And before long, we will all soon age, with our looks fade: hairline recede, skin sag; we will become more and more physically challenged, illness will catch up with us and before long our body would start to disintegrate into NOTHINGNESS………….


All of us have passions, have our dreams; we should pursue all these dreams before its too late for us to do so.

The worst thing in life is having regrets. Are you having regrets now for things you have not done in the past? Do not let history repeat itself again! The present now will be the past of the future. Let us do what we always want to do (hopefully it is within moral grounds) and do it NOW!

I admit that not all the things that we want to do can be achieved. But let us keep trying and fight for our dreams, chase our dreams.

At the end of the day, if we do not achieve what we plan for, at least we can say without any regret that we have at least tried.


Everyone has his or her own passions.

Each and everyone one of us have different passions.

We can never understand the drivers behind the different passions of others.

What one think of as a waste of time, others treat it as a passion.

Yesterday, I watched a MediaCorp TV show featuring SBS diehard fans who live and breathe SBS buses!

They started collecting any form of SBS printed publication and SBS collectibles since decades ago. Some of their publication were really vintage!

I could never have such a passion for SBS buses.

I have passion in life for other things for which others may not understand.

To what lengths would you go for your passions?

For me, its all the way!

I am not saying that I am going to be successful or what but all successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have made it due to their unrelentless and tenacious chasing of their passions at almost all cost!

That’s what separate achievers from the rest of ordinary folks!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nasty Singaporeans

Singapore prides itself on rankings and has come out tops in many surveys, good surveys of course.

Today, I present the fresh baked, crisply fried and boiling hot list of Nasty Singaporeans, which in my opinion are! Based on my experiences and those of common Singaporeans, the list are:

In no order of merit (or rather dismerit):

1) The Boot Licker
2) The Easy and Charmed Lifer
3) The Uncommitted
4) The No-replier (email and SMS)
5) The Defaulter
6) The Bossy
7) The Arrogant
8) The Artificial
9) The Mercenary
10) The Ultra Rude Customer Service Officer
11) The Walking Smoker
12) The Reckless Driver
13) The Stupid pretend to be Clever
14) The Irresponsible Marketer
15) The Gossiper
16) The Escalator Hero
17) The Drunker
18) The Gambler
19) The xxx NS Officers and Sergeants (I mean some, not all)
20) The Wayang
21) The Wanton
22) The Night Sports Enthusiasts in your Neighbour
23) The Hero on the Harvey Norman giving Singaporean the reason to fight pollution
24) The Spitter
25) The Kiasu
26) The Kiasi
27) The Desperate IRC men
28) The School Bully
29) The Flower (who rises to the top of career by flaunting their assets)
30) The Cheapskate
31) The Bo chap
32) The Bo chee
33) The Bo Bian
34) The Unmotivated
35) The Wife Beater
36) The Queue Cutter
37) The Automated Telephone System
38) The Road Bully
39) The Unworthy Beggar
40) The Complaint King
41) The Noise Generator
42) The Singer
43) The Hao Lian
44) The Exhibitionist Lovers on MRTs and Buses
45) The Bus Passageway Bullies
46) The Passenger who sits with Casper
47) The Armpit man in the MRT
48) The Idiot who does not know how to use toilet
49) The Latecomer
50) Some of the people who implement stupid and impracticable policies
51) Pushy and aggressive salesmen, surveyors, insurance agents
52) Some stupid neighbours
53) The Undecisive
54) The Red-taper
55) Bullies of foreigner workers
56) Discriminating service staff
57) The Agenda-er
58) The overcharging stall owner
60) The man who farts in the lift
61) The Chee Ko Peh

Do you have any more to add?

Please help me to make up the list to 100, Thanks!


It seems like after the joyous and splendid Beijing Olympics, lots of misfortune things happened around the world: the terrorism attacks in Yemen, China’s milk scare and the US financial crisis.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

What does work mean to you?

Are you finding satisfaction in your work everyday?

Are you seizing the day, learning more things everyday and making hay while the sun shines?

Or are you there just to pass time?

Are you there because now financial crisis is looming and you need security which your current job offers?

Only some people love working, I suppose. Many treat work as a mean to generate income to pursue their interests and sustain life.

Tomorrow is Monday again!

October is coming and there would be two public holidays to look forward to.


If the financial crisis were still to hang its ugly head and the after-effects to be felt in the world including Singapore, some retrenchments are inevitable.

Retrenchment is not a word for the fainted-hearted! It is a real crisis for many people, especially for those who are the sole bread winners in their families or whose families have real pressing needs for health care, where constant liquidity is a must to sustain life and their quality of living.

When retrenchments come, one has to take it.

One can go for skill retraining to be equipped with more skills for the better times. Skill retraining necessitates one to spend some money first with the hope of getting a good return on their capital outlay as they find a better job which pays more when the economy is up!

The global economy seems to be okay for now but are more fallouts about to come?

Life is a matter of choice

We cannot choose the country we are to be born,
We cannot choose the place in the country we are to be born,
We cannot choose the family we are to be born in
we cannot choose our parents,
we cannot choose whether when we are born, we would be healthy or not, intelligent or not,
we cannot choose whether our families we are born into are rich or not,


no matter what,

We can choose the way we want to lead our lives.

What causes the US financial crisis?

The current economic crisis stemmed from the sub-prime mortgage crisis, which is a crisis of contracted liquidity in the global credit market.

Sub prime lending extends to mortgage, car loans and credit cards. It is the giving out of loans which do not meet the Fannie Mae and Frankie Mac at higher expectation of risk and at a higher interest rate.

Fannie Mae is a name for the Federal National Mortgage Association while Freddie Mac is the Federal Home Loan Monetary Corporation; together they guarantee about US $12 trillion of the mortgage market.

Both enterprises are government-sponsored enterprises and are authorized to make loans and loan guarantees. They are leading participants in the US secondary mortgage markers which serve to provide liquidity to the primary mortgage market. Secondary mortgage markets, market for sale of securities/ bonds collaterized by values of mortgafe loans, group these loans together and sell them as securities called collaterised market obligations (CMOs) to ensure mortgage companies have enough funds to lend to home buyers.

Sub prime lending gains popularity in the earlier years due to the easy initial terms of such loans and some predatory targeting acts by loaners to borrowers who do not understand the terms and conditions or to borrowers of unsuitable credit scores.

The initial rise in housing prices encourage borrowers to borrow difficult mortgage loans because they believe they able to refinance at more favorite times.

Alas, housing prices slump in year 2006 to 2007 and refinancing among the borrowers become difficult, the US housing bubble has burst, and there were high defaults rates of financing and foreclosures.

Mortgage leaders which retain credit risk were the first hit as borrowers defaulted on their payments.

Mortgage institutions have also passed the rights to mortgage payments and related credit and default risk to 3rd party investors via mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and collateral debt obligations (CDOs).

Investors holding MBS, CDOs faced loss as values of underlying mortgage declined

Stock markets were also affected,

Credit crunch hence results: sudden reduction in the availability of loans and at higher costs (fewer and more expensive loans)

This lead to reduced business expenditure and consumer spending.

And slowly the problem aggravates to assume the proportion which shocks the world as major banks such as UBS, the Lehman Brothers and AIG founder!

And not to mention that Fannie Mae and Frankie Mac were bought over by the US government.

Welcome to contribute your thoughts and articles




Little India

In the past few weeks, the government is mooting a proposal to build foreign workers' clusters.

One related report here.

To me, foreign workers have their own habits and cultures back in their homelands, e.g. open peeing, gathering in groups on plots of land, littering etc.

We can integrate them into Singapore community physically, but the assimilation of them into our community, our culture needs time.

On a typical Saturday, just go to Little India and see what I mean.

The foreign Indians talk differently, behave differently.

A statistic point out that around 50,000 foreign Indian workers descend on Little India on a typical Saturday.

And they become the majority there already!

Little India now, in my opinion is different from the Little India in the past.

The Little India in the past was Little India with a Singaporean flavour, now Little India becomes really Little India, a hub of the native Indians as it becomes transformed into an activity place for these Indian workers.

As thousands of foreign workers come to Little India, they transform the soul and atmosphere of the place, in my opinion.

What would be the first persons to benefit from an influx of foreign Indian workers into Little Indians?

If you guess correctly, its the businessmen!

Businesses in Little India would definitely adjust their offerings, products and services to grab a bite of this big market.

Thus the atmosphere of Little India may hence be changed by taking on a more native Indian flavour.

I do not have any discrimination against foreign workers as they are like all of us, who need to earn a living.

And it is harder for them , having to adjust to the highly urbanised state.

So let us be understanding to foreign workers.

It is alright not to smile at them if you face headon with them but please do not cast them with a different eye or discriminate against them.

Some Singaporeans I see, treat some of them as inferior to us in social status.

It is a bad atitude. These foreign workers contribute to the economy of Singapore and a part of the comfortable living we have right now.

Please note that I am discussing on foreign workers in this article.

I would be touching on foreign talents in one of the coming posts.

Singapore flags

Singaporeans may be loving our country a tad too much, judging by the scores of state flags still being hung on the walls outside their flat units.

It is mid September already, way past our National Day already!

Some flags are really in a very bad shape, being flipped over several times by the harsh elements of the weather so much so they look like a piece of unsightly cloth hung outside the units.

And it is not too good to have our flags in such conditions.

Singapore's economy

Singapore's economy is intertwined with the world's.

With the collaspe of the few top banks in the United States, though the adverse effect may seem to be cushioned for the time being by the offer of billions of dollars in assistance by the central banks as well as the similarly billions of dollars of bailout by other banks, the effect may still need some time to taper off.

Today's news reported US President Bush is seeking US $700 billion from the congress to improve the tricky financial situation.

Singapore's economy may be affected and Singaporeans may need to rein in their spendings.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thieves of time

Time is of essence, invaluable and everyone has just 24 hours a day, fair and square.

However, there lurks what I called the thieves of time, people, activities which consume your invaluable time ….

I am very critical when it come to commitment. I will ponder commitment carefully and if I do not see the meaningfulness of a commitment, I will not commit.

I despise those who said they would commit but they will not do what they talk.


Yishun seems to be quite unsafe as 3 women were murdered this morning with one critically injured.

Not just this incident, there were sporadic incidents of crimes here and there in Yishun.

Singapore River Festival and F1

In conjunction with the Singapore F1 to be held from 26 Sep to 28 Sep 08, there would be a Singapore River Festival (an inaugural one) where the Singapore River would be transformed into a wonderland.

Singapore River Festival starts today and will last for two weeks.

Hawker Centre Food

In this time of ever-increasing food prices, I regretted my decision to spend $5.50 on a meal consisting of just a BBQ chicken leg, a cup of soup and some petty portion of rice coupled with some blant dishes.

But no choice, the food court I went to with my colleagues today is an expensive one. One bowl of Ban Mian will set you behind by $4.50 !

Seeing the super high prices of the food (a bowl of petty noodle soup: $3.80), I shuddered but I had to have my lunch.

After spending some time walking up and down the food court, I decided to spend a little bit more in this super expensive food court to settle on an Indonesian BBQ chicken food dish which look ‘nice’ according to the billboard.

As I ate the dish, it is really a nonsense dish at a nonsense price! And the stall was started by a previous entrepreneur who had some rough time before coming up again.

That is why; I always support our Singapore Hawker Centres which sell extremely mouth-watering dishes at very reasonable prices.
With a majority of the hawker centres being upgraded by the National Environment Agency, I hope prices of hawker centre food will not go up too fast (they will due to inflation). What I mean is that these prices should remain affordable to the common Singaporeans.

The Largest Number in the World

The financial turmoil this week has shed some figures, deemed exceptionally large to common layman, the hundreds of billions of US dollars of the bailouts.

And my post yesterday has mentioned the trillions of US dollars of US debt.

A trillion is 1,000,000,000,000.

So are there any more numbers bigger than trillion?

The answer is a definite Yes.

If we were to keep pursuing for an answer of the highest possible number, there is none. No matter how large a number you have, there is always a large one as we can always add 1 to that number to get a larger number.

The largest number that has a specific name is a "googleplex", which is a 1 followed by a googol zeros (10^(10^100)), where a "googol" is 10^100 (a 1 followed by 100 zeros).

However, like what I have discussed, we could always add to 1 to this "googleplex" to get an ever larger number and so on and thus to conclude, there is no such thing as the highest number in the world though thereotically this number is call a "googleplex".

A "googleplex" seems to be made up of the world ‘google’ and ‘plex’, I am uncertain as to whether this is the origin of the name of the most popular search engine in the world.

We must not treat infinity as the largest number. I would like to think of "googleplex" as a fixed largest number even known and an infinity as a never-ending continuum of higher and higher numbers.

Other names to be given to immensely vast numbers are:
Duodecillion: 10^39 Quattuordecillion: 10^84 Centillion: 10^303 The current estimate for the number of electrons in the known universe is 10^88 (a.k.a. ten-thousand quattuordecillion)! and this number 10^88 is believed to be the largest number that measures something "tangible” according to an internet website. Writing incredibly huge numbers is easy, it is another thing to get a feel of the actual magnitude of the numbers: A trillion dollar bills stacked up would be twice as high as Mount Everest, Earth's highest point! A trillion dollar bills laid end-to-end at the equator would circle the planet nearly 3,000 times), For a number like: 10^(10^30). If a person were to write out this number (one million trillion trillion, zeroes) without using scientific notation, and this person writes at a rate of one digit per second, it would take that person about 3 x 10^22 (that's thirty billion trillion years) just to write the number. The piece of paper used would not be able to fit in our entire known universe ! Similarly for the smallest number, some say negative infinity is the smallest number in ever known. I disagree for alike positive infinity, negative infinity describes a continuum to me, not a fixed number. Some says take the largest number and put a negative sign in front of it and we would get the smallest number, not a better answer, I suppose as it still represents a continuum and is still not positive.

Others say 1/ (infinity) is the smallest number but I disagree. I believe 1/(infinity) is still larger than 0 as it is a positive number.

Similar to the concept of the ‘largest number’, there is also no smallest number, but I do not know what the name of the smallest number is called.

Built to Last

I dedicate the song below, to my Dear Honey QiQi, who I love very much.

Secondly to you reader and your lover(s)! ... oophs, I hope is one lover, like me!

May all seeking love, find your true love soon!

Let us all enjoy the great music!

Built to last - Melee

I've looked for love in stranger places
but never felt someone like you.
Someone whose smile makes me feel I've been
holding back,
and now there's nothing I can't do.
'Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all
most of all
it's built to last.
it's built to last
it's built to last
All of our friends saw from the start.
So why didn't we believe it too?
Whoa yeah, now look where we are.
You're in my heart now.
And there's no escaping it for you
'Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all
most of all
it's built to last.
Walking on the hills that night with those fireworks and candlelight
You and I were made to get love right
'Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all
most of all
it's built to last.
it's built to last
'Cause you are the sun in my universe,
considered the best when we've felt the worst
and most of all
most of all
most of all
most of all
most of all
most of all
it's built to last.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

US Financial Crisis

The US $85 billion dollars bailout of AIG by the Federal Reserve on Tuesday helped ward off a major financial crisis engulfing the United States for the time being.

US $85 billion ! That is a huge sum of money! So invariably some people would start questioning where does the Federal Reserve get its source of income from?

According to the Federal Reserve Website:

The Federal Reserve's income is derived primarily from the interest on U.S. government securities that it has acquired through open market operations. Other sources of income are the interest on foreign currency investments held by the System; fees received for services provided to depository institutions, such as check clearing, funds transfers, and automated clearinghouse operations; and interest on loans to depository institutions (the rate on which is the so-called discount rate). After paying its expenses, the Federal Reserve turns the rest of its earnings over to the U.S. Treasury

At this time of a likely looming economic crisis, where dollars and cents are the buzzwords, I believe many may still do not understand the fundamental term of the word, ‘money’, thus it is a good time to recall the fundamentals of ‘moneytalk’.

Many layman associate money with the dollars and cents one carry and keep in his saving accounts. To economists, they are partially correct.
Strictly speaking, the definition of money supply or total amount of money within an economy is as follows:

Money supply = M1+M2+M3

M1 includes all physical denominations of coins and currency, demand deposits and travelers' checks (money used to make payments).
M2 adds all the money found in M1 to all time-related deposits, savings deposits, and non-institutional money-market funds (money that can be readily transferred into cash). M3 combines all money found in the M2 definition and adds to it all large time deposits, institutional money-market funds, short-term repurchase agreements, along with other larger liquid assets.

Before we used currencies and banking as of today, man carried out Barter trade.

So what is money? For some definitions, you may look at this website. As you can see from the website, money itself is an abstract concept.

Money is not just the dollars and cents you carry or have in your banks.
The government doesn't create money, private banks do and they do so by making loans.

Making loans is creating money, how? Let me explain:

An example, I put $500 in my account and my bank assumes I would not be drawing it out that fast and lends $385 of my $500 to Tom which he decides to use on a holiday. Now Tom has $385 and I've got $500 in my account which theoretically I can draw out at any time. The local money supply has thus bloomed from $500 to $885 !!!

It doesn't stop there. If Tom puts the $385 in his account, his bank will lend out most of it, increasing the money supply even more!

However if everybody decided to take what they had in their accounts and bury it in their gardens, the financial system may collapse.

In the US, the total amount of money that banks can create is regulated by the Federal Reserve, the Central bank of U.S. Too much money would certainly lead to an inflation.

The central bank can increase the money supply by buying government fixed-income bonds (that is how the US government gets some of its income) in the market and hence putting money in the hands of the public. How does a central bank such as the Federal Reserve pay for this? As strange as it sounds, they simply create the money out of thin air and transfer it to those people selling the securities!

To reduce the money supply, the central bank sells government securities.
The money with which the buyer pays the central bank is essentially taken out of circulation.

Now we talk about currency…..

In the U.S, the US Treasury Department prints it, but the amount actually distributed to the public is purely a function of consumer demand. If people want more currencies, they draw out from their accounts. So how much currency is produced daily by the US Treasury Department? Please see this website for answer.

Too much currency produced and released into the market would definitely and utimately lead to inflation when there's way too much money and not enough to buy.

When I check out this website, and this other website, I was shocked to note the US debt as of today is around US $ 9.6 trillion! The U.S. government's national debt is growing by almost $1 million per minute, or $1.4 billion per day! One website even report the debt as US $53 trillion! and US $59 trillion in this website!

Should the financial crisis continues to aggravate, the whole world may be heading to a recession or a depression. According to this website,

A depression is any economic downturn where real GDP declines by more than 10 percent. A recession is an economic downturn that is less severe.

And that’s enough economical terms for now!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Singapore Hotels

I always wonder what are the top searches netizen carried out on Singapore. I carried out a check and discovered the out of the hundreds of searches for items relating to Singapore, a significant proportion relates to Singapore hotels.

Here, I made a list of Singapore hotels (list not exhaustive), information gleaned from the this website. For a more detailed information of hotels in Singapore, you may visit the this webpage:

The list of Singapore hotels is as follows:

Singapore 5 Star hotels

1. Fairmont Singapore
2. Inter-Continental (Intercontinental) Hotel
3. Conrad Centennial Singapore
4. Costa Sands Resort (Sentosa)
5. Four Seasons Hotel
6. Fullerton Hotel
7. Goodwood Park Hotel
8. Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
9. Grand Hyatt Singapore
10. Hilton Singapore Hotel
11. Mandarin Oriental Singapore
12. Marina Mandarin Hotel
13. Marriott Hotel
14. Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore
15. Pan Pacific Orchard
16. Raffles Hotel
17. Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore (Shangri-La)
18. Royal Plaza On Scotts
19. Shangri-La Hotel
20. Sheraton Towers Hotel
21. Swissotel The Stamford Singapore
22. The Gallery Hotel Singapore
23. The Regent Singapore Hotel
24. The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
25. The Sentosa Resort And Spa

Singapore 4 Star hotels

1. Orchard Le Meridien Singapore Hotel And Shopping Arcade Centre
2. Allson Hotel
3. Berjaya Hotel Singapore
4. Carlton Hotel
5. Changi Village Hotel
6. Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore
7. Copthorne Orchid Hotel
8. Excelsior Hotel
9. Executive Suites (Downtown East)
10. Furama City Centre
11. Furama Riverfront Singapore
12. Golden Landmark Hotel
13. Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel
14. Grand Plaza Park Hotel
15. Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
16. Holiday Inn Park View Hotel Singapore
17. Hotel Royal
19. M Hotel
20. New Majestic Hotel
21. Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel
22. Orchard Hotel
23. Orchard Parade Hotel
24. Paramount Hotel
25. Park Hotel Orchard
26. Park Royal Hotel
27. Peninsula Excelsior Hotel
28. RELC International Hotel
29. Rendezvous Hotel
30. Scarlet Hotel
31. Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore
32. The Elizabeth Hotel

Singapore 3 Star hotels

1. Albert Court Hotel
2. Bencoolen Residences
3. Changi Hotel
4. Chinatown Hotel
5. Fortuna Hotel
6. Garden Hotel
7. Hamilton Scotts (U/C)
9. Hotel 1929
10. Hotel 81 (Bencoolen)
11. Hotel Bencoolen
12. Hotel Grand Central
13. Hotel Miramar
14. Hotel Supreme
15. Hotel Windsor
16. Lion City Hotel
17. New Orchid Hotel
18. Oxford Hotel
19. Parkroyal Hotel
20. Quality Hotel Singapore
21. River View Hotel
22. Sha Villa, The Shatec Hotel
23. Siloso Beach Resort

Singapore 2 Star hotels

1. Fragrance Hotel (Ruby)
2. Hotel 81
3. Park View Hotel
4. The Inn At Temple Street Hotel
5. The Metropolitan Y (Metropolitan YMCA)

Singapore 1 Star hotels

1. Broadway Hotel
2. Fragrance Hotel
3. Gateway Hotel
4. South East Asia Hotel
5. Tropical Hotel

Is there a 6 star Singapore hotel? I always think so, hotels such as the Ritz Carlton are examples of 6 star hotels, I always thought.

But from the websites on Singapore hotels, there is not an official 6 star Singapore hotel though on the following URLs, some hotels are touted to be 6 star:

From my research on the internet, 6 star or more may not be really official, though 7 star hotels like the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai are coming up.

So is the 6 star or 7 star hotel just a hype, a myth?


With the great banks in America collapsing like a pack of domino cards, is a global recession in the offing?

Barring WWI, WWII, some global events that affected the world’s economy are as follows:

2003: SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)
2001: The 911 incident
1997: Asian Financial Crisis
1991: The Gulf War
1973: Oil crisis
1929-1930: The Great Depression

From 1997 onwards, the interval between one economical crisis and another is around 4 years… a worrying thought.

Times of crisis may well be times of opportunities for some. “Be fearful when others are greedy, Be greedy when others are fearful” --- Warren Buffet


I did a personal numerology test at this website.

All I need to provide for the test was my name in English and there it was: the result of my personality according to numerology.

Numerology takes the individual character of my name, convert each into numbers and sum them up to produce a unique number for me.

This unique number was then interpreted into a personality for me.

I just gasped at the results of my profile: it is so accurate!

Maybe you can try it and see for yourself!

Further, different careers abound for different personalities.

In today’s world where the mantra ‘a life of jobs’ supersedes ‘a job for life’, one may want to try the job suggested by Numerology to see whether there is indeed a real matching job for him.

Will Numerology still be accurate if one changes his name? The list of suggested jobs given corresponds to one’s personality type, the number will change once one changes his name but since personality does not usually change, so is numerology still accurate then?

AIA Singapore

With the mad rush of Singaporeans making their way to AIA Singapore branches to cash out their policies with AIA Singapore, following the financial nightmare brewing for AIG, AIA Singapore assures policyholders that it has more than sufficient capital and reserves to meet all obligations.AIA Singapore has made such assurance on its webpage yesterday

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Financial 911 !

Yesterday, the world was shocked at the collaspe of the Lehman Brothers, one of the largest banks in US.

Then today, news broke of Merril Lynch being sold to the Bank of America.

And now the freshest news was that AIG may also be going downunder....

Financial 911?

In Singapore, AIA policyholders were quick to head down to AIA's quarters in Singapore to cash out their policy values, regardless whether they make a profit or not.

'It is now or never' said one of these policyholders, Mr X.

'I just want my money back' said another policyholder, Mr Y.

True to form, Singaporeans are showing their 'kiasu' (Hokkien word for 'afraid to lose') side and some said, 'kiasi' (Hokkien word for 'afraid to die') side

A dog is always man's Best Friend

Today, I encountered a touching sight at one of the public places in Singapore.

A blind man was guided by his guide dog, a labrador, as he navigated his way around.

Though guided by the dog, the blind man still had his walking stick to feel his way thus it was not so bad.

You should see how touching the sight was. At every nook and corner, the labrador would tug gently at the calf of the blind man to warn and prime his master of the obstacles ahead.

And the dog seems to understand that his master has a problem walking. Watching the dog, I can sense that the dog has a human instinct, does understand human though dogs could not communicate in a language common to man.

It is thus always said a dog is always a man's Best friend and I could not agreed much more with the statement.

Stories of dogs loyal to their masters are aplenty in real world since time immemorial.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Moon

Tonight, a night after the Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday, I witnessed the one of brightest moons I have seen till far!
The moon was so bright, so big, hanging in the blemish-free sky, like one big giant lantern lighting up Singapore, and litting the faces of many.
Lantern festival may be over,but seem like the Great Moon still misses us!
Yesterday night was a cloudy night, thus tonight, the Great Moon came and say Thanks to all of us playing, merry, celebrating the lantern festival.

Channel 8

I do not watch TV dramas unless I am very free, especially local dramas.

I was forced to endure watching the 7 pm Channel 8 drama today as I was forced to sit in front of the TV and subject myself to the some plots which I find very stupid and a complete waste of my time! I feel immensely disgusted at the theme, quality, everything of the show, no matter how handsome or beautiful the actor or actresses were.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying Channel 8 makes horrible movies, else TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore) will not have such a good following among the shows.

In fact, TCS makes good quality shows and dramas just that I fail to appreciate, I fail to appreciate how watching some people in the drama quarreling with their boyfriends, girlfriends, family members, friends, dogs, cats, etc can bring entertainment to me or relax me after a hard day of work (in fact it can be more irritating).

I fail to appreciate how watching a bunch of people in the drama exchanging expletives can improve the quality of my life.

In fact, I find the fault lies not in TCS or local productions, TCS really makes very excellent shows in terms of quality (no sarcarsticim intended) it is just that I cannot appreciate their shows, as I appreciate the better aspects of life such as quest for knowledge and continous self-upgrading.

I do not hate all TCS production, just that I do not like local dramas and it is my fault as I cannot appreciate them.

But I enjoy TCS's reality shows like Tuesday's specials and some travel shows, real life community stories, stories of beauty etc as they are really worth seeing. They offer Singaporeans... ...ordinary Singaporeans a peek into our community to see what are the different lives different Singaporeans lead.

Singapore has 66 600 ++ individuals with a net worth (excluding housing) of US 1 million but there are still many others who are leading differently from these millionaires.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lantern Festival

Today is Lantern Festival and in Singapore, Singaporeans celebrate this festival in our own way, our own styles at our own times at our own places that we love.
It is a very warm feeling to note that scores of residents flocked out of their apartment units with their families into the parks, playgrounds, lighting up lanterns, mini fireworks as well as candles, not forgetting the traditional lantern procession.
Without a fanfare, without prior coordination, Singapore tonight is abuzz with a flurry of activities as Singaporeans celebrate tonight with their loved ones, be it a night out at the park with the lanterns, dining out or spending time with their loved ones at home, eating mooncakes.
I went out with my Dear one to a park, carrying lanterns and lighting up mini fireworks and candles. It was like going back to childhood for both of us.The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) must have gone up a notch or two tonight as many parts of Singapore were enveloped with fumes from the fireworks and candles.
There was a 'terrorist act' in the park that we were in. Someone stepped on a bobby trap of poppers laid by others and all in the park and surrounding blocks heard a huge crack of sound. Then there were fire engines, ambulances and policemen rushing in to a spot in the park moments later and there was a scurrying of activities.A lady was hurt in the foot by her stepping on, onto the bobby trap.
A peaceful and warm night today was blighted by a stupid act. This incident serves to remind all Singaporeans not to take safety and security for granted, especially in this post 911 age.

Chicken Chop

Who could resist a Yummy serving of freshly prepared chicken chop, served with your regular fries, beans, salad and bread, wet with marinated chicken chop sauce!
It is heavenly to eat such a mouth-watering dish!
Chicken chop is always my love! Luckily this delectable dish is readily available in many hawker centres and food centres here!

Singapore Chinese Garden Lantern Festival

I went with my Dear to the Chinese Garden to catch the Singapore Chinese Garden Lantern Festival.

The festival was not free, it is $15 per entry for an adult but the theme of the festival: Kitties and Friends beckon many Singaporeans to come with their families to the Garden.

The garden was transformed into a picnic for Kitty and her friends. There were giant lanterns of Kitty and her friends crafted meticulously such that they do not look like lanterns to the visitors, they looked like the real affable Kitty and her friends, brought to life to Singaporeans in Chinese Garden at this Mid-autumn festival celebrations.

There were so many Kitties and her friends all around the garden and the fact that the garden was decked with visitors to the brim means that everyone waited patiently for the others before taking on the coveted spots for photography. There was also hardly any elbow room among the throngs of visitors.

It was an indeed feast for the eyes as this was the first time, I believed many Singaporeans including my Dear and I, saw how lanterns could be creatively transformed to adorn a most ordinary garden to give it a most magical feel at this festival of family union.

I took too many pictures yesterday that for the first time my fully-charged batteries went flat. I am sorry could not share all of these photos with you readers, I just chose the most significant one out of the lot that would best epitomise the spirit of the kitty and her friends!

Being a person who does not watch cartoons, I always thought there is only Kitty and her stead Daniel in the 'Hello Kitty' show. But today's visit is certainly educating to me as I learnt the different friends of kitty and how entertaining and cute they are!

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish all of you readers peace, prosperity, love and health to you and your family members.

I believe the sales of mooncakes after having peaked for the past few days should have start to drop following today’s ‘climax’ of Mid-Autumn festival. Sales can dovetail to rock bottom prices, who knows. At this time of the day or later, scores of Singaporeans would be heading to the many different mooncakes outlets to catch a bite of the ‘discount’ cherry.

Too bad, no holiday tomorrow!

To watch some of the videos I have taken, you may visit the following links:

Happy Viewing!

Mooncakes Galore

There were abundant and abundant of mooncakes for sampling and sales at the Takashimaya Basement Atrium.

Companies, hotels and shops selling mooncakes for the mid-autumn festival turned up in full force to capture a slice of the moon-cake crazy market.

The sales has been going on for some days already but when my Dear and I were there yesterday to choose the mooncakes to purchase, there were still hardly any elbow space.

Today (14 Aug 08) is the mid-autumn festival day for the Chinese. Mid-autumn festivals fall on the 15th of the 8th Chinese Lunar month every year.

There were mooncakes and mooncakes everywhere and the floor was littered with hundreds of toothpicks…… sad to say a sign of social disgrace as Singaporeans threw their toothpicks after savouring the samples, though there were used containers to contain these toothpicks.

My dear and I flitted from one stall to another stall, savouring mooncakes after another, comparing the prices and taste before sussing out the next stall.

Finally we decided on the offering from Ritz Carlton, a very grand hotel here. The box of mooncakes cost $43.80 for a pack of 4 (Lotus paste without eggs).

But it was worth the money as when my Dear and her family and I tasted it, we wanted more! The mooncakes and their pastes were very fine and not too overly sweet.. these were excellent.

Though they were definitely cheaper mooncakes around, I would not mind to pay a little bit more on every mid-autumn festival to enjoy the better quality mooncakes.

Professional Photographer

My Dear and I were at Singapore Japanese Garden when we decided to have a photograph taken at one of the many scenic places in the garden. Coincidentally, we chanced upon a man and his partner both who looked like a professional photographers with their array of camera equipment and paraphernalia.

We requested him to take a photo of us. He acceded to our request and when he returned the camera to us and we checked the photo taken, we had a shock.

A pleasant shock for the photograph he had taken was really very beautiful and created so professionally that the backdrop looked so wonderful just like a painting! And he did the shooting in just a matter of seconds! Neither my Dear nor I could take a picture of such quality as the man. It was simply awesome and professional!

I asked the man how he did it, and he said he just did it, just click and shoot with my camera. My camera was the most ordinary in the market but given to a professional photographer, he is able to make the most beautiful pictures out of it!

This is what I call professional: photography skills at its Best!

Dr. Watson Post Mortem Debugger

I never know a Doctor lives in my PC until now! Halfway through the typing of my blog, a message flashed across my screen, stating "Dr. Watson Post Mortem Debugger Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close"

I hazarded a guess: it must be a virus. Consulting the website even made it more confusing. Some said its really a debugger in-built in the computer while others state it is a spy-ware.

Whatever it is, the moment our computers are linked to the internet, we are subjecting our computer to links with possible virus-makers and hackers as our computer is linked to thousands other computers in an astounding array of configuration when connecting to the internet.

If there are no hackers, there would be no anti-spy-ware softwares and programmes and there is no constant improvement of the security of the internet.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Respect for the Intellectual Property Rights

I have always respected intelletual property rights, thus this website should contain only pictures taken by me and those sources in the internet that are stated to be free for use by others.

Without much photos, this website could look a little bit dull and harder for reader to read. I admit this fact however I also believe in quality content.

There are hundreds of blogs in the internet that have fanciful videos and pictures but the quality of the text or meaning of the blog is of not much benefits to the reader.

Ideas are the priceless assets everyone owns, they can be worth millions of dollars. They form the basis of every businesses, big, small or growing.

Police Hunt for Kangaroo Boxer in Western Australia

I feel disgusted that a strong Australian man boxed and kicked a kind, harmless and friendly kangaroo mercilessly as his friend videotaped the whole process and both of them merrily laughed throughout the ordeal.

In the video, the poor kangaroo even seemed to be affable towards the man, waving to him with his little hands, but the bully rammed, kicked, boxed the poor animal on the face till it became injured and possibly died.
What an extreme cruel act! I hope the police will round up the man and subject him to be boxed, kicked by another stronger animal than man, such as a pack of elephants or just feed him to the sharks!

It will be an eye for an eye!

The man must be prosecuted! See full report

Thursday, September 11, 2008

People I do not LIKE

I do not like people who look down on people because they are rich or they carry some social status and thought they are the Kings of the world.

Sometimes seeing these people who act arrogant and belittle everyone digusts me. I feel even urged to excel in my undertakings to a certain extent due to their arrogance.

I was not new to being looked down on. When I was in the NS, rich people look down on the poor folks like me.

I am not rich but I got aspirations, tons of good ideas and I believe with the right morality, humility, perservance, self-improvement, willingness to learn, proactiveness, doggness, tenacity, that fire, that spark in the heart and mind, that will weather all tiredness to excel in something that one feels passionate about, and yes that passion... will hopefully see me through to better times somedays.

Life may not be fair, in fact who says life is fair, life is not fair at all. The only fair thing in life is death for everyone has to die. The sticky point is that in death, some lead a longer life than others, others live a shorter life, thus the degree of fairness is only fuzzy.

Life is not fair but I believe in Karma: You reap what you sow.

Another kind of people I do not like is those who have no sense of committment though they have committed themselves to an endeavour.

They will be not interested in certain things yet refuse to yield out of an endeavor due to a vested interest. They have no sense of committment and thus should leave the endeavour.

There are other people I do not like which I will write in the blog from time to time.

I am not perfect. In fact no one is perfect. Some says the world will be an utopia if all men are perfect. But would not it be scary if all men are perfect? I think the world will be chaotic instead.

Time flies … …

Its already September and today being September 11 was a day to be remembered for September 11 2001was the day that changed the world.

It was the day when terrorism took on a new dimension. It was the day when the world witnessed for the first time, how the world’s superpower, the US, could be attacked economically, physically, psychologically by a pack of extremists. 911 started a wave of insurgence and subsequent anti-US attacks, the bringing down of the Taleban regime, the end of Saddam Hussein and his regime, the beef-up of security worldwide, the increasing wave of kidnapping of foreigners and beheading and a myriad of new phenomenon.

In a nutshell, the whole world has changed !

7 years have passed in the flash of an eye ……. While the world has changed rapidly within these 7 years, have you changed?

Time and tide waits for no man. Within this 7 years, what have you achieved? Are you on your way to achieving your dreams or still lost in the rat race, or you are still without a goal, an aim in life?

I find it frightening! I have not achieved much, in retrospect, for these 7 years. However, I have taken ACTION here and there, continuously to achieve my goals.

Though life is still not what I have expected, I feel at least gratified that I have at least tried. I will keep trying till I achieve my goals in life.

Life is also about waiting for opportunities, that ONE SOLID opportunity, which one should grab. It is the opportunity that will set your life on a different footing. It will be the opportunity which changes your life for the BETTER.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

Scientists are on the way to unravel the mysteries of the Big Bang and how life starts with the Large Hadron Collider project.

Next month, they would recreate the scene of the Big Bang, to unravel how life starts.

However, many worry the experiment would lead to the destruction of human race if the experiment is to go awry, creating a black hole that would devour earth.

The mysteries of life is sacred, man's attempt to know the world's greatest secret: how life begins may lead them to doom if the experiment is to go awry.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going Bananas

Going Bananas

I started to snack on bananas at work these days.

Bananas sold in bunches of 5 just cost a mere $1.30 at the NTUC Fairprice. They provide valuable snack to me especially when I feel hungry soon after meals due to my incredibly high metabolism rate.

And I am surprised to discover that bananas can do wonders for our body by enabling people to be more alert especially when taking a test. More benefits of bananas could be found at:

Resting eyes

I learnt of two simple exercises for the eyes:

1) looking at faraway things for 30 seconds after every half hour at the computer.
2) Nodding up and down your neck to increase blood circulation to your scalp.

Sustaining Singapore, Sustaining feedbacks

I was put off by the website on Sustainable Singapore at I have contributed a couple of valuable suggestions to the portal but the feedback portal showcasing all received feedbacks has not been updated for two weeks already!

The authorities should update the feedbacks promptly; we want all Singaporeans’ view to be heard but at the same time, we should update the website so as to sustain feedbacks.

If Singaporeans feel their views are not heard, it defeats the purpose of having one such feedback portal.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Why I Blog?

Despites how tired I am, my hands seem not to stop as I patter on my keyboard every night blogging and blogging.

I am surprised to garner a few following from people all over the world including India, Europe and China. They have somehow managed to find my blog through search engines. I was glad that they have found my blog interesting, many have even activated the RSS links to my blog!

I am also proud of the fact that for months, if one is to search for "Singapore Short Stories" in Singapore Yahoo Search Engine, my blog comes out as the No 1 website for some months till now. For Google, listing of my blog is in Page 1 still.

As I have mentioned many times, the fact that I am blogging and maintaing this blog religiously comes from the willlingness and my enthusiasm to share with the world some of what I have gone through in life and my stories.

It is Passion for something that sustains one through all difficulties to sustain something long after he has started.

The above picture is definitely not for me. It is for those thousands of bloggers who have abandoned their blogs after jumping on the blogging bandwagon just some years back:on the internet are hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs.

I hope you find my blog interesting. Shall you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me at my email address stated in the website.

That is Life!

This scene was taken at Suntec City last Saturday.
It brought fond memories of my some of my childhood days.
When one is a child, the days seem to pass slowly and many of the times, life can seem so enjoyable.
But entering adulthood, we see the need to earn a living, entering the common rat race, be embroiled in office politics, seeing the less fairer nature of man and experience aging, some pain here and there.
That is Life!

Work diseases

Two important events shaped the face of work.

The invention of machines for which changed the role of man from being a do-it-all labourer to that of specialist: in charge of a fixed process.

The other invention was the advent of the computer: man become master of work, able to control work processes.

However, work also has brought about its bout of illness to man. For one, I believe man's eyes have become seriously overstrainned and harmed by looking at the computer at work for hours.

And if it is not enough, man returns home to indulge in the internet for entertainment for another couple of hours too.

And sitting for too long on a seat interacting with the computers cause injuries to the spines, bones, wrists and the heat generated from the heat will cause harm to fertilty of man.

Thus move about after sitting for sometime in front of a computer!

Thunderstorms and Miracles

I was in charge of an important event yesterday.

With proper planning being done earlier, it was most surprising that I was caught off-guard by a glitch which threatened to derail the whole event.

The problems which caused the glitch: miscommunication, assumptions of people and shortage of manpower. Neverthess it was a good learning lesson for me.

Just as thunderstorms could come suddenly in life and catch one unguarded, miracles do also occur at times in the worst of one's moments.

I have learnt to move on in life. As Neutro Linguistic Programme experts could not disagree more:

There are no failures in the world, there are only feedbacks
It is with this mantra that keeps me going and trying new and varied things and learn from books, experiences.... hopefully one day I could be of someone great but most importantly leaves a legacy behind by benefitting the community and the world in one way or another.
I attended a talk last week by a successful multi-millonaire. One taking home from the talk was on the concept of 'Stewardship' something that is new to me.
As opposed to ownership, he spoke of how successful people are stewards rather than owners.
It is how much wisdom the successful people leaves behind to benefit the world and his progency that makes the mark of a successful people; it is not how much one owns that makes him successful.
Thus we see billionaires like Bill Gates donating a bulk of his fortunes to charity. There is an increasing number of the very rich becoming philatrophists too.
Success like what I have always mentioned in the blog is subjective, and its definition differs from one to another.
We shal strive to achieve and at the same time, be contented for what we have. It is often when we lose something that we begin to cherish.


Everyday, without fail, scores of middle aged aunties (around 30 of them) plus 2 or 3 uncles congregate at the basketball court in front of my block, doing their morning exercises starting 7pm sharp.

Their morning get-together exercise session is almost a ritual to them as 95% of them never fail to show up.

They do simple stretching to the chorus of rhythm “1,2,3,4,5 …” which they chant in Chinese. The cacophony created is instant alarm clock for the residents of my apartment block.

After the exercise, they will start to sing the most horrible song I have heard and at this juncture all of them will wave their hands left and right in unison…… imagine we residents have to endure all the sound of their exercise and worst still their song everyday.

Their song in Chinese is about Love….. sung in not a peaceful manner. I believe they belong to a cult! The loyalty of all these members to turn up in full force everyday plus singing at the end of an exercise and about love some more are common trade marks of cults disguised as religious sects carrying out healthy activities for the residents.

I hope I am wrong and that these folks are just common good citizens and not members of a cult. Some years ago, it is quite common to witness some Singaporeans practicing Falunggong… a movement which China clamps down as an anti-government fraternity and a cult. Till today, I could still see some Singaporeans practicing the faluggong exercise though on a low profile note.

Every Wednesday evening, at certain MRT stations, if you happen to walk by, some people, whether old, young, male or female will pass you a copy of newspapers (choice of English or Chinese). I forgot the name of the newspapers already. The contents are alright but contain some anti-China messages hidden well within.

Information prevails in this era, one has all information in the world at his disposal at the click of a mouse. The onus is to be discerning, selective when processing information we get everyday.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I am Back! (with more Singapore Short Stories)

I have been so busy these days that I have not been writing on this blog for a couple of days.

I have many interests and commitments and it takes a fine delicate act to partake in the many different commitments and my hobbies.

I have various commitments and for hobbies, these would be jogging, reading and blogging.

Jogging keeps me alert and healthy. Health is the most important thing in life, without health, you cannot take care of yourself lest of others.

Reading expands my horizons and knowledge in all aspects of life and definitely have enriched and benefited me in all manners.

Blogging provides me a catharsis for my emotion outpouring as well as expression of views. Also through blogging I really like to share my ideas and experiences with others which can be of beneficial to them.

I understand my modest blog earns just a few following everyday judging from the slow rising of the number counter, nevertheless it is fine with me as I am not writing for the sake of having my blog becoming the No 1 in Singapore; its more of sharing and leaving a legacy in this world: one day if I were to pass on, this blog of mine would become a legacy, being always in the internet and there might always be someone in the world with an internet connection happening to find my blog via some search in the search engine and then reading the posts and hopefully benefiting from it (it will!).

Sounds interesting right? Maybe if you have not been starting a blog or website, it may be high time to start one so that your views, your ideas, your stories, your experiences may become a legacy, a shining beacon for others who have yet to tread a path you have taken before, long after you are gone.

But touch wood, lets return back to the basic objective of blogging: sharing one views and experiences and hopefully benefiting the readers in a multitude of ways.

Staunch readers who have followed this website should have already known that I have been suffering from the stupid hair loss problem which is infecting many young men and women in Singapore increasingly.

Vexed and frustrated at trying many different hair care products for some years without much efforts and wishing to share my stories and experiences, few days ago, I have decided to set up a new blog:

to share my stories with the world. Catch all the action here! Thus if you have friends of loved ones suffering from hair problems, appreciate you can invite them to this hair loss support group that I have created. Million of Thanks!

Man are creatures of habits. I wake up at 7 am every weekday and by now my body has been biologically programmed to wake up at this timing for all days of the week (even Saturday and Sunday). I do not need an alarm clock now though I still keep one as back up plan. Thus on weekends, I wake up early thus become tired as the days drag on as my body has not really recovered from the onslaught of the hectic working week.

However, waking up early has its merits too: for the weekends seem long. However, how long the weekends may be, they are never enough for Mondays come so easily and swifty!
How I dread Mondays! At this point of writing, I have already become a tad sad that the weekends would soon be over in just a couple of hours and the waiting for another weekend will soon have to begin!

My father’s colleague passed on very suddenly just some days ago. When death comes, it come fast, unexpected and swiftly! My father’s friend was a very fit man but when he went to hospital after a bout of diarrhoea, his health situation became unexpected and soon he became unconscious, brain-dead and his body went into fast decline rapidly. That was when the doctor asked the grief-stricken family on their decision to pull the plug out. The family finally came to the painful decision to pull the plug out and all was history. It was a tragic moment, much same for my colleague who was killed somewhere in early April this year (you can read my blog post on his sad story if interested).

Life is thus fragile and thus one must really make full use of time to do the things that are the most important in life. The definition of ‘importance’ varies from person to person, and this applies to the definition of ‘success’ too. What is success in life to one may not be the same to others. Some view success as earning lots of money, others view success as gathering status, to others it means giving love, what is yours?

I read today’s news on how my ex-classmate has really succeeded in becoming one of the best in the field that he has chosen in life. Good for him! I wish I could achieve success one day too and that you readers can achieve success: the attaining of your own goals.

Over the weekends, I also attended a seminar in which a successful extremely wealth businessman talked about his choice of taking the MRT over buying and driving a car in one of the sidelines of the seminar. His reasoning was that as taxpayers, we pay for the MRTs, buses and their stations and stops, thus one should use these facilities else it will be wasted. Buying a car in Singapore is definitely expensive amidst the high COEs, ERPs, and parking fees.

After talking so much, its time to prepare for the next coming working week!

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