Friday, September 19, 2008

Hawker Centre Food

In this time of ever-increasing food prices, I regretted my decision to spend $5.50 on a meal consisting of just a BBQ chicken leg, a cup of soup and some petty portion of rice coupled with some blant dishes.

But no choice, the food court I went to with my colleagues today is an expensive one. One bowl of Ban Mian will set you behind by $4.50 !

Seeing the super high prices of the food (a bowl of petty noodle soup: $3.80), I shuddered but I had to have my lunch.

After spending some time walking up and down the food court, I decided to spend a little bit more in this super expensive food court to settle on an Indonesian BBQ chicken food dish which look ‘nice’ according to the billboard.

As I ate the dish, it is really a nonsense dish at a nonsense price! And the stall was started by a previous entrepreneur who had some rough time before coming up again.

That is why; I always support our Singapore Hawker Centres which sell extremely mouth-watering dishes at very reasonable prices.
With a majority of the hawker centres being upgraded by the National Environment Agency, I hope prices of hawker centre food will not go up too fast (they will due to inflation). What I mean is that these prices should remain affordable to the common Singaporeans.

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