Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Everyone has his or her own passions.

Each and everyone one of us have different passions.

We can never understand the drivers behind the different passions of others.

What one think of as a waste of time, others treat it as a passion.

Yesterday, I watched a MediaCorp TV show featuring SBS diehard fans who live and breathe SBS buses!

They started collecting any form of SBS printed publication and SBS collectibles since decades ago. Some of their publication were really vintage!

I could never have such a passion for SBS buses.

I have passion in life for other things for which others may not understand.

To what lengths would you go for your passions?

For me, its all the way!

I am not saying that I am going to be successful or what but all successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have made it due to their unrelentless and tenacious chasing of their passions at almost all cost!

That’s what separate achievers from the rest of ordinary folks!

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