Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time flies … …

Its already September and today being September 11 was a day to be remembered for September 11 2001was the day that changed the world.

It was the day when terrorism took on a new dimension. It was the day when the world witnessed for the first time, how the world’s superpower, the US, could be attacked economically, physically, psychologically by a pack of extremists. 911 started a wave of insurgence and subsequent anti-US attacks, the bringing down of the Taleban regime, the end of Saddam Hussein and his regime, the beef-up of security worldwide, the increasing wave of kidnapping of foreigners and beheading and a myriad of new phenomenon.

In a nutshell, the whole world has changed !

7 years have passed in the flash of an eye ……. While the world has changed rapidly within these 7 years, have you changed?

Time and tide waits for no man. Within this 7 years, what have you achieved? Are you on your way to achieving your dreams or still lost in the rat race, or you are still without a goal, an aim in life?

I find it frightening! I have not achieved much, in retrospect, for these 7 years. However, I have taken ACTION here and there, continuously to achieve my goals.

Though life is still not what I have expected, I feel at least gratified that I have at least tried. I will keep trying till I achieve my goals in life.

Life is also about waiting for opportunities, that ONE SOLID opportunity, which one should grab. It is the opportunity that will set your life on a different footing. It will be the opportunity which changes your life for the BETTER.

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