Monday, September 08, 2008

Work diseases

Two important events shaped the face of work.

The invention of machines for which changed the role of man from being a do-it-all labourer to that of specialist: in charge of a fixed process.

The other invention was the advent of the computer: man become master of work, able to control work processes.

However, work also has brought about its bout of illness to man. For one, I believe man's eyes have become seriously overstrainned and harmed by looking at the computer at work for hours.

And if it is not enough, man returns home to indulge in the internet for entertainment for another couple of hours too.

And sitting for too long on a seat interacting with the computers cause injuries to the spines, bones, wrists and the heat generated from the heat will cause harm to fertilty of man.

Thus move about after sitting for sometime in front of a computer!

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