Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncakes Galore

There were abundant and abundant of mooncakes for sampling and sales at the Takashimaya Basement Atrium.

Companies, hotels and shops selling mooncakes for the mid-autumn festival turned up in full force to capture a slice of the moon-cake crazy market.

The sales has been going on for some days already but when my Dear and I were there yesterday to choose the mooncakes to purchase, there were still hardly any elbow space.

Today (14 Aug 08) is the mid-autumn festival day for the Chinese. Mid-autumn festivals fall on the 15th of the 8th Chinese Lunar month every year.

There were mooncakes and mooncakes everywhere and the floor was littered with hundreds of toothpicks…… sad to say a sign of social disgrace as Singaporeans threw their toothpicks after savouring the samples, though there were used containers to contain these toothpicks.

My dear and I flitted from one stall to another stall, savouring mooncakes after another, comparing the prices and taste before sussing out the next stall.

Finally we decided on the offering from Ritz Carlton, a very grand hotel here. The box of mooncakes cost $43.80 for a pack of 4 (Lotus paste without eggs).

But it was worth the money as when my Dear and her family and I tasted it, we wanted more! The mooncakes and their pastes were very fine and not too overly sweet.. these were excellent.

Though they were definitely cheaper mooncakes around, I would not mind to pay a little bit more on every mid-autumn festival to enjoy the better quality mooncakes.

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