Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lantern Festival

Today is Lantern Festival and in Singapore, Singaporeans celebrate this festival in our own way, our own styles at our own times at our own places that we love.
It is a very warm feeling to note that scores of residents flocked out of their apartment units with their families into the parks, playgrounds, lighting up lanterns, mini fireworks as well as candles, not forgetting the traditional lantern procession.
Without a fanfare, without prior coordination, Singapore tonight is abuzz with a flurry of activities as Singaporeans celebrate tonight with their loved ones, be it a night out at the park with the lanterns, dining out or spending time with their loved ones at home, eating mooncakes.
I went out with my Dear one to a park, carrying lanterns and lighting up mini fireworks and candles. It was like going back to childhood for both of us.The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) must have gone up a notch or two tonight as many parts of Singapore were enveloped with fumes from the fireworks and candles.
There was a 'terrorist act' in the park that we were in. Someone stepped on a bobby trap of poppers laid by others and all in the park and surrounding blocks heard a huge crack of sound. Then there were fire engines, ambulances and policemen rushing in to a spot in the park moments later and there was a scurrying of activities.A lady was hurt in the foot by her stepping on, onto the bobby trap.
A peaceful and warm night today was blighted by a stupid act. This incident serves to remind all Singaporeans not to take safety and security for granted, especially in this post 911 age.

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