Monday, September 08, 2008


Everyday, without fail, scores of middle aged aunties (around 30 of them) plus 2 or 3 uncles congregate at the basketball court in front of my block, doing their morning exercises starting 7pm sharp.

Their morning get-together exercise session is almost a ritual to them as 95% of them never fail to show up.

They do simple stretching to the chorus of rhythm “1,2,3,4,5 …” which they chant in Chinese. The cacophony created is instant alarm clock for the residents of my apartment block.

After the exercise, they will start to sing the most horrible song I have heard and at this juncture all of them will wave their hands left and right in unison…… imagine we residents have to endure all the sound of their exercise and worst still their song everyday.

Their song in Chinese is about Love….. sung in not a peaceful manner. I believe they belong to a cult! The loyalty of all these members to turn up in full force everyday plus singing at the end of an exercise and about love some more are common trade marks of cults disguised as religious sects carrying out healthy activities for the residents.

I hope I am wrong and that these folks are just common good citizens and not members of a cult. Some years ago, it is quite common to witness some Singaporeans practicing Falunggong… a movement which China clamps down as an anti-government fraternity and a cult. Till today, I could still see some Singaporeans practicing the faluggong exercise though on a low profile note.

Every Wednesday evening, at certain MRT stations, if you happen to walk by, some people, whether old, young, male or female will pass you a copy of newspapers (choice of English or Chinese). I forgot the name of the newspapers already. The contents are alright but contain some anti-China messages hidden well within.

Information prevails in this era, one has all information in the world at his disposal at the click of a mouse. The onus is to be discerning, selective when processing information we get everyday.

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