Monday, September 22, 2008

Nasty Singaporeans

Singapore prides itself on rankings and has come out tops in many surveys, good surveys of course.

Today, I present the fresh baked, crisply fried and boiling hot list of Nasty Singaporeans, which in my opinion are! Based on my experiences and those of common Singaporeans, the list are:

In no order of merit (or rather dismerit):

1) The Boot Licker
2) The Easy and Charmed Lifer
3) The Uncommitted
4) The No-replier (email and SMS)
5) The Defaulter
6) The Bossy
7) The Arrogant
8) The Artificial
9) The Mercenary
10) The Ultra Rude Customer Service Officer
11) The Walking Smoker
12) The Reckless Driver
13) The Stupid pretend to be Clever
14) The Irresponsible Marketer
15) The Gossiper
16) The Escalator Hero
17) The Drunker
18) The Gambler
19) The xxx NS Officers and Sergeants (I mean some, not all)
20) The Wayang
21) The Wanton
22) The Night Sports Enthusiasts in your Neighbour
23) The Hero on the Harvey Norman giving Singaporean the reason to fight pollution
24) The Spitter
25) The Kiasu
26) The Kiasi
27) The Desperate IRC men
28) The School Bully
29) The Flower (who rises to the top of career by flaunting their assets)
30) The Cheapskate
31) The Bo chap
32) The Bo chee
33) The Bo Bian
34) The Unmotivated
35) The Wife Beater
36) The Queue Cutter
37) The Automated Telephone System
38) The Road Bully
39) The Unworthy Beggar
40) The Complaint King
41) The Noise Generator
42) The Singer
43) The Hao Lian
44) The Exhibitionist Lovers on MRTs and Buses
45) The Bus Passageway Bullies
46) The Passenger who sits with Casper
47) The Armpit man in the MRT
48) The Idiot who does not know how to use toilet
49) The Latecomer
50) Some of the people who implement stupid and impracticable policies
51) Pushy and aggressive salesmen, surveyors, insurance agents
52) Some stupid neighbours
53) The Undecisive
54) The Red-taper
55) Bullies of foreigner workers
56) Discriminating service staff
57) The Agenda-er
58) The overcharging stall owner
60) The man who farts in the lift
61) The Chee Ko Peh

Do you have any more to add?

Please help me to make up the list to 100, Thanks!


Anonymous said...


Your website is wholesome! Is one of the Best that I have ever read about Singapore and its people!

Most of the stories I read about Singapore are from official reports!

I am living in Congo and I believe I will want to visit Singapore soon!



Anonymous said...

U can add one more... is those rude squeezer into MRT train...

Angel is beside u

Jean said...

I think this list applies for citizens of many other countries, not just Singapore.

Having traveled, lived and work abroad for many years, i think there will be always be nasty people in any country, whether in the east or south and not just Singapore.

Anyway, it's an interesting list! :)

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