Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr. Watson Post Mortem Debugger

I never know a Doctor lives in my PC until now! Halfway through the typing of my blog, a message flashed across my screen, stating "Dr. Watson Post Mortem Debugger Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close"

I hazarded a guess: it must be a virus. Consulting the website even made it more confusing. Some said its really a debugger in-built in the computer while others state it is a spy-ware.

Whatever it is, the moment our computers are linked to the internet, we are subjecting our computer to links with possible virus-makers and hackers as our computer is linked to thousands other computers in an astounding array of configuration when connecting to the internet.

If there are no hackers, there would be no anti-spy-ware softwares and programmes and there is no constant improvement of the security of the internet.

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