Sunday, September 07, 2008

I am Back! (with more Singapore Short Stories)

I have been so busy these days that I have not been writing on this blog for a couple of days.

I have many interests and commitments and it takes a fine delicate act to partake in the many different commitments and my hobbies.

I have various commitments and for hobbies, these would be jogging, reading and blogging.

Jogging keeps me alert and healthy. Health is the most important thing in life, without health, you cannot take care of yourself lest of others.

Reading expands my horizons and knowledge in all aspects of life and definitely have enriched and benefited me in all manners.

Blogging provides me a catharsis for my emotion outpouring as well as expression of views. Also through blogging I really like to share my ideas and experiences with others which can be of beneficial to them.

I understand my modest blog earns just a few following everyday judging from the slow rising of the number counter, nevertheless it is fine with me as I am not writing for the sake of having my blog becoming the No 1 in Singapore; its more of sharing and leaving a legacy in this world: one day if I were to pass on, this blog of mine would become a legacy, being always in the internet and there might always be someone in the world with an internet connection happening to find my blog via some search in the search engine and then reading the posts and hopefully benefiting from it (it will!).

Sounds interesting right? Maybe if you have not been starting a blog or website, it may be high time to start one so that your views, your ideas, your stories, your experiences may become a legacy, a shining beacon for others who have yet to tread a path you have taken before, long after you are gone.

But touch wood, lets return back to the basic objective of blogging: sharing one views and experiences and hopefully benefiting the readers in a multitude of ways.

Staunch readers who have followed this website should have already known that I have been suffering from the stupid hair loss problem which is infecting many young men and women in Singapore increasingly.

Vexed and frustrated at trying many different hair care products for some years without much efforts and wishing to share my stories and experiences, few days ago, I have decided to set up a new blog:

to share my stories with the world. Catch all the action here! Thus if you have friends of loved ones suffering from hair problems, appreciate you can invite them to this hair loss support group that I have created. Million of Thanks!

Man are creatures of habits. I wake up at 7 am every weekday and by now my body has been biologically programmed to wake up at this timing for all days of the week (even Saturday and Sunday). I do not need an alarm clock now though I still keep one as back up plan. Thus on weekends, I wake up early thus become tired as the days drag on as my body has not really recovered from the onslaught of the hectic working week.

However, waking up early has its merits too: for the weekends seem long. However, how long the weekends may be, they are never enough for Mondays come so easily and swifty!
How I dread Mondays! At this point of writing, I have already become a tad sad that the weekends would soon be over in just a couple of hours and the waiting for another weekend will soon have to begin!

My father’s colleague passed on very suddenly just some days ago. When death comes, it come fast, unexpected and swiftly! My father’s friend was a very fit man but when he went to hospital after a bout of diarrhoea, his health situation became unexpected and soon he became unconscious, brain-dead and his body went into fast decline rapidly. That was when the doctor asked the grief-stricken family on their decision to pull the plug out. The family finally came to the painful decision to pull the plug out and all was history. It was a tragic moment, much same for my colleague who was killed somewhere in early April this year (you can read my blog post on his sad story if interested).

Life is thus fragile and thus one must really make full use of time to do the things that are the most important in life. The definition of ‘importance’ varies from person to person, and this applies to the definition of ‘success’ too. What is success in life to one may not be the same to others. Some view success as earning lots of money, others view success as gathering status, to others it means giving love, what is yours?

I read today’s news on how my ex-classmate has really succeeded in becoming one of the best in the field that he has chosen in life. Good for him! I wish I could achieve success one day too and that you readers can achieve success: the attaining of your own goals.

Over the weekends, I also attended a seminar in which a successful extremely wealth businessman talked about his choice of taking the MRT over buying and driving a car in one of the sidelines of the seminar. His reasoning was that as taxpayers, we pay for the MRTs, buses and their stations and stops, thus one should use these facilities else it will be wasted. Buying a car in Singapore is definitely expensive amidst the high COEs, ERPs, and parking fees.

After talking so much, its time to prepare for the next coming working week!

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