Monday, September 08, 2008

Why I Blog?

Despites how tired I am, my hands seem not to stop as I patter on my keyboard every night blogging and blogging.

I am surprised to garner a few following from people all over the world including India, Europe and China. They have somehow managed to find my blog through search engines. I was glad that they have found my blog interesting, many have even activated the RSS links to my blog!

I am also proud of the fact that for months, if one is to search for "Singapore Short Stories" in Singapore Yahoo Search Engine, my blog comes out as the No 1 website for some months till now. For Google, listing of my blog is in Page 1 still.

As I have mentioned many times, the fact that I am blogging and maintaing this blog religiously comes from the willlingness and my enthusiasm to share with the world some of what I have gone through in life and my stories.

It is Passion for something that sustains one through all difficulties to sustain something long after he has started.

The above picture is definitely not for me. It is for those thousands of bloggers who have abandoned their blogs after jumping on the blogging bandwagon just some years back:on the internet are hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs.

I hope you find my blog interesting. Shall you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me at my email address stated in the website.

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Robins Tomar said...

Keep writing.
Good to know that you can find your blog by searching Singapore. Since India is so big and full of bloggers, I can not see my blog even in the first five pages after searching for India.

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