Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 Singapore

Though I was not out there like thousands of Singapore today at Marina Bay to 'catch' a little of the action of the Grand Prix rehearsal, nevertheless I watched it on Channel 5. It was AMAZING! Never imagine such a great piece of action could actually happen here and right in the heart of CBD!

This was the first time I actually watched a F1 race-related show and to watch my first F1 race-related show in Singapore F1 is real meaningful!

As expected, Singapore has done a GREAT job in creating the first ever F1 night race, delivering the project in 10 months whereby other countries would need 2 years to complete the same scope of work!

This is what makes Singapore tick: efficiency and effectiveness.. these traits are now synonymous with Singaporeans.

Actually, the sounds of machines emanating from the speed devils could be heard everyday.........wat I mean is some really ignorant folks manipulating their motor machines and tearing down the streets, to the anger of many, polluting the streets, endangering others' lives, while they assume themselves to be Lewis Hamilton.

I cannot blame them. Some people may not have much achievement and thus doing such naive things are the very best things they can do to appease their soul and affirm their self worth!

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