Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Financial 911 !

Yesterday, the world was shocked at the collaspe of the Lehman Brothers, one of the largest banks in US.

Then today, news broke of Merril Lynch being sold to the Bank of America.

And now the freshest news was that AIG may also be going downunder....

Financial 911?

In Singapore, AIA policyholders were quick to head down to AIA's quarters in Singapore to cash out their policy values, regardless whether they make a profit or not.

'It is now or never' said one of these policyholders, Mr X.

'I just want my money back' said another policyholder, Mr Y.

True to form, Singaporeans are showing their 'kiasu' (Hokkien word for 'afraid to lose') side and some said, 'kiasi' (Hokkien word for 'afraid to die') side

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