Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I did a personal numerology test at this website.

All I need to provide for the test was my name in English and there it was: the result of my personality according to numerology.

Numerology takes the individual character of my name, convert each into numbers and sum them up to produce a unique number for me.

This unique number was then interpreted into a personality for me.

I just gasped at the results of my profile: it is so accurate!

Maybe you can try it and see for yourself!

Further, different careers abound for different personalities.

In today’s world where the mantra ‘a life of jobs’ supersedes ‘a job for life’, one may want to try the job suggested by Numerology to see whether there is indeed a real matching job for him.

Will Numerology still be accurate if one changes his name? The list of suggested jobs given corresponds to one’s personality type, the number will change once one changes his name but since personality does not usually change, so is numerology still accurate then?

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the link to this tool. I enjoyed it. After using it I stumbled upon another even better one which actually determines if your birth name is the right one for you, so that it provides you with the best luck in life possible. I love it! It's here: Numerology Tools

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