Monday, September 15, 2008

Channel 8

I do not watch TV dramas unless I am very free, especially local dramas.

I was forced to endure watching the 7 pm Channel 8 drama today as I was forced to sit in front of the TV and subject myself to the some plots which I find very stupid and a complete waste of my time! I feel immensely disgusted at the theme, quality, everything of the show, no matter how handsome or beautiful the actor or actresses were.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying Channel 8 makes horrible movies, else TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore) will not have such a good following among the shows.

In fact, TCS makes good quality shows and dramas just that I fail to appreciate, I fail to appreciate how watching some people in the drama quarreling with their boyfriends, girlfriends, family members, friends, dogs, cats, etc can bring entertainment to me or relax me after a hard day of work (in fact it can be more irritating).

I fail to appreciate how watching a bunch of people in the drama exchanging expletives can improve the quality of my life.

In fact, I find the fault lies not in TCS or local productions, TCS really makes very excellent shows in terms of quality (no sarcarsticim intended) it is just that I cannot appreciate their shows, as I appreciate the better aspects of life such as quest for knowledge and continous self-upgrading.

I do not hate all TCS production, just that I do not like local dramas and it is my fault as I cannot appreciate them.

But I enjoy TCS's reality shows like Tuesday's specials and some travel shows, real life community stories, stories of beauty etc as they are really worth seeing. They offer Singaporeans... ...ordinary Singaporeans a peek into our community to see what are the different lives different Singaporeans lead.

Singapore has 66 600 ++ individuals with a net worth (excluding housing) of US 1 million but there are still many others who are leading differently from these millionaires.

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