Monday, September 29, 2008


One can attend lots of training and courses in his lifetime but it is of no use if he cannot apply the knowledge gained from these training courses to better himself.

Knowledge gained from a course will rapidly decrease to zero after one has returned home from the course and chuck the course materials into some hidden corners in his home.

And in less than a day, he will have forgotten what he has learnt in class!

The most important point to bring to a training course is one’s attitude towards the course: Is he just trying to pass time in the class or is he not only an active recipient of knowledge in the course but also a proactive participator in class?

Each course is unique. Attending the same courses on different locations is never the same, though the course materials may not be changed. The learning experiences provided to the participants in a course come not only from the course materials, it also arises from the sharing between the participants and between the participants and the lecturers. Thus the quality of the learning experiences gleaned from every course is never the same as the lecturer and participants would always be different.
Generally I feel that the older and more experienced trainer have more real-time experiences and knowledge outside of class that is applicable to the topic to share with course participants. A lecturer cannot just be regurgitating the points made on the powerpoint slides. An effective lecturer is also one who engages the class, never making time in the class a dull moment.

In a nutshell, I believe the trainer himself has the overall control to set the tone, mood in a training class and to facilitate learning and sharing in class. It will be a waste of time if one meets a course lecturer who just regurgitates from the powerpoint slides and dimiss the class early, without facilitating an effective sharing and knowledge transfer in the course.

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