Friday, September 26, 2008


You spend hours and hours preparing, rehearsing, finetuning for an endeavour which is very important to you.

It could be a performance which would showcase your finest skills to the world or it could be a test which would take you to the other higher stage of life.

But alas, on that most important date, you fumble or you gave it your best shot but still could not make it.

The hours spent preparing and rehearsing hence seems to be a complete waste of time as ultimately you are not able to achieve what you want.

In life, it is not the achievement that counts always, it’s the process of endeavour and learning along the endeavouring that is more worthy.

I believe time is not wasted in practices, as there are certainly always things to learn along the way.

Its giving your best shots, trying your very Best and not regretting that you have not tried hard enough in the future.

When things do not fall within your expectations, you are able to say ‘I have tried my Best already’ and with that, it is the already better enough than actually achieving the goal which is the Best of course!

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