Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A dog is always man's Best Friend

Today, I encountered a touching sight at one of the public places in Singapore.

A blind man was guided by his guide dog, a labrador, as he navigated his way around.

Though guided by the dog, the blind man still had his walking stick to feel his way thus it was not so bad.

You should see how touching the sight was. At every nook and corner, the labrador would tug gently at the calf of the blind man to warn and prime his master of the obstacles ahead.

And the dog seems to understand that his master has a problem walking. Watching the dog, I can sense that the dog has a human instinct, does understand human though dogs could not communicate in a language common to man.

It is thus always said a dog is always a man's Best friend and I could not agreed much more with the statement.

Stories of dogs loyal to their masters are aplenty in real world since time immemorial.

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