Sunday, September 14, 2008

Singapore Chinese Garden Lantern Festival

I went with my Dear to the Chinese Garden to catch the Singapore Chinese Garden Lantern Festival.

The festival was not free, it is $15 per entry for an adult but the theme of the festival: Kitties and Friends beckon many Singaporeans to come with their families to the Garden.

The garden was transformed into a picnic for Kitty and her friends. There were giant lanterns of Kitty and her friends crafted meticulously such that they do not look like lanterns to the visitors, they looked like the real affable Kitty and her friends, brought to life to Singaporeans in Chinese Garden at this Mid-autumn festival celebrations.

There were so many Kitties and her friends all around the garden and the fact that the garden was decked with visitors to the brim means that everyone waited patiently for the others before taking on the coveted spots for photography. There was also hardly any elbow room among the throngs of visitors.

It was an indeed feast for the eyes as this was the first time, I believed many Singaporeans including my Dear and I, saw how lanterns could be creatively transformed to adorn a most ordinary garden to give it a most magical feel at this festival of family union.

I took too many pictures yesterday that for the first time my fully-charged batteries went flat. I am sorry could not share all of these photos with you readers, I just chose the most significant one out of the lot that would best epitomise the spirit of the kitty and her friends!

Being a person who does not watch cartoons, I always thought there is only Kitty and her stead Daniel in the 'Hello Kitty' show. But today's visit is certainly educating to me as I learnt the different friends of kitty and how entertaining and cute they are!

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish all of you readers peace, prosperity, love and health to you and your family members.

I believe the sales of mooncakes after having peaked for the past few days should have start to drop following today’s ‘climax’ of Mid-Autumn festival. Sales can dovetail to rock bottom prices, who knows. At this time of the day or later, scores of Singaporeans would be heading to the many different mooncakes outlets to catch a bite of the ‘discount’ cherry.

Too bad, no holiday tomorrow!

To watch some of the videos I have taken, you may visit the following links:

Happy Viewing!

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