Sunday, September 14, 2008

Professional Photographer

My Dear and I were at Singapore Japanese Garden when we decided to have a photograph taken at one of the many scenic places in the garden. Coincidentally, we chanced upon a man and his partner both who looked like a professional photographers with their array of camera equipment and paraphernalia.

We requested him to take a photo of us. He acceded to our request and when he returned the camera to us and we checked the photo taken, we had a shock.

A pleasant shock for the photograph he had taken was really very beautiful and created so professionally that the backdrop looked so wonderful just like a painting! And he did the shooting in just a matter of seconds! Neither my Dear nor I could take a picture of such quality as the man. It was simply awesome and professional!

I asked the man how he did it, and he said he just did it, just click and shoot with my camera. My camera was the most ordinary in the market but given to a professional photographer, he is able to make the most beautiful pictures out of it!

This is what I call professional: photography skills at its Best!

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