Friday, September 26, 2008

SMRT services

Something went wrong with the SMRT train services yet again!

This morning as usual, I take the train to work. All seemed well as usual but when the train came, it was super-packed!

Then the announcement came forth to inform the passengers that ‘‘Due to a train incident, train services would be delayed for 20 minutes’’.

But the delay was more than 20 minutes, it was almost half an hour. Waiting for the stalled train ate up so much time, and the other contributing factor was that when the train moved, it moved and stopped intermittently!

When the seeming efficient MRT service FIRST encountered problem, it was deemed to be an ‘isolated case’. But now and then, the frequency of such train service disruptions has become more frequent that it become an ‘expected’ incident and to think that we are actually paying higher MRT fares for the train services!

There must be a surge in the SMS sent by Singaporeans today as so many affected working Singaporeans were seen sending SMSes to inform their bosses, colleagues, family or friends about the disruption and advising them not to take the train this morning.

On another related note, it is disconcerting to me to witness the security personnel stationed at the MRT stations are mainly people in their advanced stages of life. More disconcerting is the fact that I always see them chatting with others, smsing, sitting down in a relaxed posture, etc instead of vigilantly deterring terrorist acts.

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