Sunday, September 21, 2008


If the financial crisis were still to hang its ugly head and the after-effects to be felt in the world including Singapore, some retrenchments are inevitable.

Retrenchment is not a word for the fainted-hearted! It is a real crisis for many people, especially for those who are the sole bread winners in their families or whose families have real pressing needs for health care, where constant liquidity is a must to sustain life and their quality of living.

When retrenchments come, one has to take it.

One can go for skill retraining to be equipped with more skills for the better times. Skill retraining necessitates one to spend some money first with the hope of getting a good return on their capital outlay as they find a better job which pays more when the economy is up!

The global economy seems to be okay for now but are more fallouts about to come?

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