Thursday, September 25, 2008

Singapore F1

Singapore F1, the first F1 night race ever, will be held here, right here, in our country in less than 2 days, with the practice session held tomorrow night.

It seems that many Singaporeans are nonchalant about the race, with me inclusive; ‘what is the hype about F1’: the common thinking of the average layman.

To many, F1 is just one of the many many ‘invented festivals’ of Singapore! There is the ongoing Singapore River Festival and even a Singapore SUN festival! These festivals in the eyes of many Singaporeans, are being held to capture a slice of the tourism market, and the F1 is no exception!

Look around us, recent developments like the Singapore IR, the Integrated Resorts, the Esplanade; many Singaporeans would tend to think that these are built to attract tourists.

So what if these infrastructures are built and events held to attract tourists? Singaporeans tend to benefit as a result from the use of these infrastructures and the visiting of these events! In fact, I relish all these events as most of them are free and they add a touch of excitement and vibrancy to the normally monotonous Singapore.

Some events include the Sheares Bridge Run, the Singapore Fireworks Festival, Singapore Arts Festival and the current Singapore River Festival, Singapore Sun Festival, Singapore Biennale, and the list goes on and on…. What a list!

I applaud the government for creatively thinking of so many festivals! It is the right step to go in the current world as creativity is the only sustainable competitive advantage of a nation!

It can only make living in this little red dot more exciting though frankly speaking, I find the general hype and revelling among Singaporeans for the current Singapore F1 is not up to expectation.

The publicity of the event, via the various media, in my opinion, has to play a part in such lukewarm reception. Media has always portrayed the event as one for the well-heeled by the various reporting of how much the rich is willing to pay just to get a seat in the F1 venue to catch the action, the price of the food served, etc……

All these astronomical amounts splashed out by the rich on F1 is beyond imagination of the common Singaporeans who earn a decent living.

It is no wonder that many Singaporeans may find that the F1 is for the rich only.

It may thus be the reason why the excitement of most Singaporeans is ‘not there’ yet.

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