Wednesday, September 24, 2008


With time being a premium, I do not have the time to read every article in the newspapers everyday.

I had to quickly glance through 5 sets of newspapers everyday though I would be very much like to read in details each of these articles in the newspapers.. but I simply had no time!

Newspapers pack a gem of knowledge in them, to read every article in the newspapers is a worthy act as one's horizon, knowledge and perspectives will be will take more than 6 hours a day to read every single article in the Straits Times... just my rough guess as I have not attempted this feat before.

If one has too much spare time to spare, I would like to recommend him to read newspapers and as many as possible!

And with blogs, internet news, the choices to a reader is further expanded beyond imagination and there is increasing competition between the traditional printed media and the online media to capture its readers.

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