Thursday, September 11, 2008

People I do not LIKE

I do not like people who look down on people because they are rich or they carry some social status and thought they are the Kings of the world.

Sometimes seeing these people who act arrogant and belittle everyone digusts me. I feel even urged to excel in my undertakings to a certain extent due to their arrogance.

I was not new to being looked down on. When I was in the NS, rich people look down on the poor folks like me.

I am not rich but I got aspirations, tons of good ideas and I believe with the right morality, humility, perservance, self-improvement, willingness to learn, proactiveness, doggness, tenacity, that fire, that spark in the heart and mind, that will weather all tiredness to excel in something that one feels passionate about, and yes that passion... will hopefully see me through to better times somedays.

Life may not be fair, in fact who says life is fair, life is not fair at all. The only fair thing in life is death for everyone has to die. The sticky point is that in death, some lead a longer life than others, others live a shorter life, thus the degree of fairness is only fuzzy.

Life is not fair but I believe in Karma: You reap what you sow.

Another kind of people I do not like is those who have no sense of committment though they have committed themselves to an endeavour.

They will be not interested in certain things yet refuse to yield out of an endeavor due to a vested interest. They have no sense of committment and thus should leave the endeavour.

There are other people I do not like which I will write in the blog from time to time.

I am not perfect. In fact no one is perfect. Some says the world will be an utopia if all men are perfect. But would not it be scary if all men are perfect? I think the world will be chaotic instead.

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