Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pen your wishes for Singapore's 44th National Day and be part of the largest Singapore Flag made from wishing cards!

This coming National Day, pen your wishes for Singapore and play a part in the piecing of Singapore's largest national day flag made from greeting cards!

Organized by the Changi Simei Citizen's Consultative Committee, the project is a meaningful one as it allows ordinary Singaporeans to express their hopes, wishes and aspiration for Singapore.

The committee hopes to gather 8,000 greeting cards and make a record in Singapore's books of records as the largest National Flag made from greeting cards!

Catch this largest National Flag on TV on 9 Aug 09!

Why I know so much leh? My friend told me and I was given this card to sign loh...

keke I am one of the 8,000 card penners so look out for my very unique card if can viewed from TV loh on National Day!

I read the newspapers, some Singaporeans want the NDP committee to invite well-known Singaporeans based overseas like Gong Li to recite the Singapore's anthem. I do not think its a good idea, NDP is more about celebrating the lives of ordinary Singaporeans, as this year NDP committee has rightfully point out and did, Singapore is not here to grandstand by having these prominent overseas Singaporeans take the limelight.

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