Friday, July 03, 2009

Singapore Merlion

The majestic Merlion viewing tower at Sentosa!

As you might have known if you are a regular reader of mine, my Dear and I visited Sentosa last Saturday and found ourselves braving the merciless strong rays of the burning Sun without a shelter in sight. As you see, Sentosa is really without much shelters save for the bus stations! And if you are looking for aircon, so sorry to say that you can find them in the many places of interests in Sentosa which are really not cheap! But if you are really very desperate to get out of the scalding hot sun, visit the souvenir shops which will really give you a good relief!

Anyway, today I am going to talk about the Merlion, which is really an icon of Singapore. It is not only an icon, it is a unique emblem of Singapore! There is no such animal like a Merlion. It is a legend, a legend that is almost like Singapore: Singapore having become a first-world global metropolis from a sleepy fishing village in less than 40 years!

The Merlion is really symbolic of Singapore. The Merlion, like China’s national icon: the Dragon is really a legend and a powerful creature! The Merlion is half-lion and half-fish, so as to speak. The lion is Singapore’s national animal icon and the fish symbolizes the fishing village that Singapore once was. The Merlion is bold to overcome all challenges, can swim against the tide of uncertainly, certainly a formidable national icon of Singapore!

I am glad that the Merlion has taken on a cute look with the creative juices of the current
National Day Parade team.

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