Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The world is abuzz with the extremely rare solar eclipse, which is also the longest in the recent centuries happening today!

I am one of the few fortunate ones in the world to witness the solar eclipse in the world and in Singapore somemore in the morning, right from the comforts of my office!

At around 830 am, the Sun who was shining so brightly was suddenly obstructed with the Moon's shadow; the brightness of the sun's rays which I was soaking in, sooned dimmed. Few minutes later, it was pitch dark and then after about few minutes later, the Sun resumed its full glory and everything was back to the shiny normal at last!

If you have guessed correctly by now, the Sun was actually my boss and the moon was actually my detestable colleague who came and interruped my conversation with the boss and talking rubbish as usual, sowing the seeds of discord.

Anyway, in many parts of the world, as I have discussed in my post yesterday, the sky was not as inviting to the rare solar eclipse: many who have travelled to China and some parts of the world where the eclipse would be the most evident were left disppointed due to the overcast skies but for India, it is not so bad, as you can see from the video above.

In Singapore, a good handful of Singaporeans thronged the Singapore Science Centre to watch the Solar Eclipse: yes, Solar Eclipse which took place around the same time as the other parts of the world, never mind that the eclipse was simulated by computer! I believe the crowd still enjoyed the enlightening explanation of the eclipse and for the fact that they are able to view the whole eclipse (though it was just computer simulation) was much better than their peers travelling to China and far-flung places just to see the eclipse! On a serious note, the throngs of Singaporeans visiting Singapore Science Centre would just want to witness the 10% solar eclipse, the proportion of the eclipse which could be seen from Singapore, unlike 100% in India etc but they were left disappointed due to the overcast skies as well!

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