Friday, July 10, 2009

Changi Airport: the MOST Happening Place in Singapore!

Just look at the cosy transit area in Changi Airport Terminal 3!
Everytime i visit our airport, I would envy those who are in this transit area as they are surely going overseas for either work or most likely recreation!
Changi Airport, comprising of its 3 cosy terminals, in my opinion is one of the Best place to be at during weekends.
In the airport, one can find a slew of restaurants, book stores, shops and a good view of the giant aircrafts! There are not too many people to disturb you should you hold a meeting or gathering with your friends or relatives. For lovebirds, Changi Airport is a romantic place, especially on weekend nights.

I love Changi Airport as it is less noisy compared to the raft of city and orchard road shopping malls. Here, one can partake slowly the sights and conversation with your friends or enjoy the soul-benefiting silent ritual of being alone.

In Changi Airport, one is also in touch with the world, for the world touches down at this airport too.

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