Friday, December 31, 2010

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown to Year 2011, my last post for this year

Dear Readers,

Today is the last day of year 2010. How time really flies. Today, I bring you the last post for this year 2010 before it went away forever!

I do not know what to write on this last day of year 2010. Time really flies! I still recall this same day last year, I and my wife were relishing the countdown, going to places like the Clarke Quay and Raffles Place before admiring the fireworks at the stroke of year 2010.

Another year just flies. Yesterday, I read an article on Yahoo which claimed that scientists in US have verified that 3 spaceships are heading towards Earth in Dec 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan calender. It was reported that President Bush was also being informed of this invasion. So if 2012 is really the end of the world, then are we not counting down to the doom of the human race tonight?

Lest this thought scares you, don’t be. For all of us human will go one day. The Best is to make full use of time!

I sat down today and listed my goals for next year finally. One of the goals is that my hair loss would be stopped. Many Singaporeans, males and females, old and young are getting hair loss… same goes for the world. While there is a legion of theories on the contributing factors, Singapore Short Stories believes its due to the depletion of ozone and the harmful UV rays destroying our scalp.

Year 2011. Another Year will be with us in 8 hours time. The modern world will be decked in its finest glory to embrace year 2011 while the poor in the poorer countries will still suffer.

Marina Bay Countdown tonight in Singapore. Counting down to year 2011. And I know that I would need to achieve my goals set. I need luck and I wish I would have good luck when the fireworks ascend up the skies at 0000 hrs tonight.

A Fresh Start, Wishing You Success, Peace and Health in Year 2011!

Last Day of Year 2010, welcome year 2011

Dear Readers, how have you been?

I am now typing into the first 5 minutes of the last day of year 2010. How time flies! Shocking right! I still thought it was yesterday when we ushered in year 2010. But in a flash of time, year 2011 would be with us in less than 24 hours!

Today, I am busy doing some spring cleaning. About setting of new year resolutions, I have not done them yet. But I still have some general goals to achieve in my mind now. For this year, some goals I have achieved, some goals I have not. I did not have luck for some goals while for others, my diligence paid efforts.

I am not sleeping now. I do not want to sleep now. I want to cherish every second of the last day of year 2010: 31 Dec 2010. I look forward to all of you readers, I mean your support for this blog in the coming year. I hope to bring you more meaningful and good experiences and stories. Happy New Year 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even the sun goes on leave

These days and nights, it has been very cold. Even the sun goes away on annual leave though I still do my Best at work. I cannot believe: now it is 30 Dec already! Tomorrow will be yet another countdown to a brand new year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year 2011 Resolutions

How time flies! Indeed, in less than 5 days, we will bide year 2010 goodbye, usher and welcome year 2011. Every time, when it comes to the last week of the year, I will be very solemn as I flicked my calendar and reviewed what I have achieved for year 2010.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buy Lightings for House at Balestier Road

My Dear and I went to buy lightings for our house today. There are quite a few places where one can buy lightings in Singapore. The Best place to buy lightings in Singapore for houses would be at Balestier Road.

We alighted from bus 21 and started our search to buy lightings for our house near Jalan Datoh. We trekked for very long along Balestier Road in our quest to buy house lighting. There are many many lighting and lighting fixture houses along Balestier Road. We compared prices in our process to buy lightings for our house. Along the way, we stopped at house of Tau Sar Piah where we devoured some great Tau Sar Piahs.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Eve: The Most Romantic Place in Singapore

On Christmas Eve which was yesterday night, my wife and I decided not to go Orchard Road this year to see the festive lighting. Instead, we went over to Marina Square area.

The restaurants at Marina Square were packed to the brim. We went to many restaurants only to see queues after queues waiting outside the restaurant. The price tags of many menus were pricey but Singaporeans seemed not to bat an eyelid on this festive holiday.

My wife and I then decided to try out Just Acia, a restaurant at Marina Square. The restaurant was packed, but the Korea cuisine there was great for value and there was free flow of ice-cream and soft drinks! There was no service charge though the usual GST applies.

Next after a sumptuous dinner, we headed to Esplanade then walked the whole of the Helix Bridge. The bridge was different from the last time we visited the bridge. The bridge led us directly to The Shoppes at Marina Bay. We were awed by the immensity of the shopping mall as well as the unique design and concept of the mall.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Singapore Christmas and The new Santa Claus

Tomorrow will be Christmas day. Christmas, to me, now is just another day. It is sad when I used to recall that Christmas were magical.. at the time when I was still a young kid.

My Christmas and New Year Message to Singaporeans

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All of you! How time comes, now we are at the cusp of a new year once again! First of all, many Thanks for taking your time to read this post. I would just want to reiterate that this message is not a New Year message by any politician or well-known persona; this is my very own message to wrap up my experiences and thoughts for year 2010 and share it with all of you, Singaporeans.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singapore Hair Loss

Readers of Singapore Hair Loss Support Group, please note that Singapore Hair Loss Support Group has moved from the old website to this new website at Singapore Hair Loss Support Group.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Singapore Stocks to buy and invest in year 2011?

What are the stocks to buy and invest for year 2011? As an investor, I understand very well the anguish of seeing the highly attractive stock you just bought plummet the moment you bought it, hence proper diversification and timing is crucial to picking the right stock at the right time. So, what are the stocks to buy and invest for year 2011?

Singapore Countdown to Year 2011

I dread December. This is the last month of yet another year. How time flies. It seems just like yesterday that I last shared here on my regret of the fast passing of time. Soon, we will bide year 2010 good bye.

Reflection of working life

Working life occupies nearly 60% of my waking hours everyday. When one comes back home, he or she is left with only 4 to 5 hours, at the very best to do his or her own things. We cannot complain about work as we need work to earn money to survive and support our own family. However, we cannot be just spending time working and spending the off-work hours resting. We need to do more in these spare time and I believe it is how we make use of the very few off-working hours daily that will determine how well we do in life outside of work.

One should use these few hours daily to invest in activities which will bring real value to his life. Engaging in family bonding, finding love, forming a family, reading for mental, personal and spiritual growth are some forms of activities one can do beside recreational activities like hobbies and exercises.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Investment Legend Jim Rogers: His View of the World talk

I was at the BookFest yesterday in Suntec City and I was lucky enough to catch the final talk from investment legend Jim Roger on this final day of the exhibition. The title of Jim Roger’s speech is “My view of the world”.

Looking back 2010

Looking back this year 2010, one most important area which I have not managed to achieve my goals is my career.

I possess the intellectual, the grit, the determination, the potential to do well in my career and even geared up for higher things. However, things are not meant to be. I watched in sadness as I see my some of my colleagues who are not that capable as me rise faster than me. They rise through the ranks through curry-favouring the bosses and resorting to office politics. And they rise fast.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long John Silver

It has been ages since I have been to Long John Silver. Back in my secondary school days, an average platter of Long John Silver cost just $2.95 but now a platter of 2 pieces chicken, fries and drink cost $4.50 as I found out today!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Amazing Time Machine Toilet in Singapore

There were quite a number of famous toilets where one could give instanteous feedback on his or her quality of experience in using the toilet via a touch screen panel located at the entrance of the toilet. He could give any one of the options: "Poor", "Good" or "Excellent to the cleaner whose photo was also displayed on the panel screen.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown to 2011 and the most important lesson for me in 2010

Year 2011 will be with us in 2 weeks time! How time really flies. I still could recall how I ushered in the New Year for the past few years. But in just a twinkling of an eye, another new year beckons. With the coming of a new year, it may now be the time to start crafting the resolutions for the coming year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My very Personal Wiki Leaks

Assange, if I get the name correctly,of the founder of Wiki Leaks, has found enormous fame worldwide recently for the dissemination of confidential information through his Wiki Leaks websites.

I am not Asange but I would like to share with all of you my very personal Wiki Leaks.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold Night

These nights have been quite cold for it is December. Christmas is coming soon and Singapore's winter is its rainy season.

Nights like these are good for sleeping.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Year End Bonus

I believe employers should reward employees with year-end bonuses if they could afford. As employees, we have spent most part of our waking hours working for the companies, leaving only very little time for our families and our personal pursuits.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I miss the Sun

These few days, I wake up to cold and chilly weather. This is common as it is December. But I miss the Sun, I miss its warmth, though on many days, I lament on the unbearably hot weather but as studies show, people are happier with warmer weathers. Hence I really hope the Sun will come out soon, baking our island in its warmth.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Its raining, time for Chirstmas

These days, it rains and it is getting closer and closer to Christmas. The rain reminds me that Christmas is near and it makes me feel like relaxing now till the end of the year! Read more of the Great Xmas celebrations here!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nex shopping mall is so Big

Nex shopping centre in Serangoon is so huge! I just came back with my wife from a trip to Singapore's newest and largest suburban mall. In fact, I think Nex is equivalent to Jurong Point and Nex is decked with hundreds and hundreds of stores. There is a wide range of new western, Japanese and other restaurants and cafes.

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