Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year 2011 Resolutions

How time flies! Indeed, in less than 5 days, we will bide year 2010 goodbye, usher and welcome year 2011. Every time, when it comes to the last week of the year, I will be very solemn as I flicked my calendar and reviewed what I have achieved for year 2010.

If you have followed me, you would now be quite irritated as I might have kept harping on the same old theme again and again every few other days here. That theme of cherishing time, that theme of regrets for not achieving the intended goals set for the year. How would I not do that as I flicked the pages of my calendar, my organizer? Intrigued was I at the passage of time: days become shrunk to just entries on calendar and organizers and a year passed away with the flipping of a few dozen pages!

Resolution setting for year 2011 is still something that needs to be done, I told myself. These goals are like compasses for one to find direction in life. For men on the street in general, life can be like a monotonous treadmill: work, go home, watch TV and sleep… work, go home, watch TV and sleep ….work, go home, watch TV and sleep and another year passes.

I believe that one must make FULL USE of after work time to pursue his or her dreams and hobbies. It can be tiring as I have experienced myself but passion will invigorate the soul. Time is very important, once passed, it cannot be reversed. Tell that to an average investor here and he would lament to you that he would have bought Genting Singapore stock when it is still around 30 cents. But time passes and it cannot be reversed, Genting is now $2.10 roughly: it is just like time: time cannot be reversed.

Time will soon pass and one’s beauty, ones fitness will wane and ebb away. Only wisdom accrues with age, provided one does not suffer from dementia.

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