Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown to 2011 and the most important lesson for me in 2010

Year 2011 will be with us in 2 weeks time! How time really flies. I still could recall how I ushered in the New Year for the past few years. But in just a twinkling of an eye, another new year beckons. With the coming of a new year, it may now be the time to start crafting the resolutions for the coming year!

I still recall my resolutions set for year 2010. Resolutions were set in areas like family, career, health, recreation and personal development. As 2010 goes, I tried my best to achieve my goals, but in the areas of career, I failed miserably though I have put in immense amount of effort but I was made disappointed for countless of times! In the coming year, I aspire to continue to achieve my goals in this arena.

As year 2010 unfolds, I found myself achieving in some aspects I have not set goals in, like in the areas of investment. However, as year 2010 turns out, the most important goal for me and my family in this year and also for the rest of my life is to achieve something so basic as peace, the ability to sleep soundly, to have peace of mind and to lead a normal life.

Setting goals for year 2010 is to excel in aspects of my life but only recently, have I understood the importance of spiritual and religious development due to a twist of events which really made me believe and encounter the verities of a higher and lower realm of existence.

As it turns out, Year 2010 is a spiritual and religious awakening for me! The most important lesson I have learnt for year 2010 is that of spiritual and religious development. I have always listed things important in life in terms of decreasing priority as such: Health, Family, Career, Personal Development, Recreation, etc but now, I realise that the underpinning aspect, the core aspect of all these aspects of life is that of spiritual and religious development.

As a child, I always thought it is superstitious to pray, to carry out rituals; only in recent weeks, due to my unusual first-hand encounters, have I learnt the importance of spiritual and religious practices, rituals….. all just to lead life peacefully and to have a peaceful sleep at night.

Going forward to year 2011, I will just set broad goals to achieve in the various aspects of life, continue with my spiritual and religious development and I really hope to achieve my goals set for the coming year.

Thank you, reader for reading my humble blog post. I hope you will like this post and continue reading my blog. Do add me as friend on Facebook (button is somewhere on this blog) and I wish you a Peaceful, Prosperous, Healthy and Happy 2011 ahead for you and your loved ones!

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