Thursday, December 23, 2010

Singapore Christmas and The new Santa Claus

Tomorrow will be Christmas day. Christmas, to me, now is just another day. It is sad when I used to recall that Christmas were magical.. at the time when I was still a young kid.

Back then, there was really a Christmas atmosphere. It would rain day and nights, the temperature was low and nights were cold. Then the TV commercials would be belting out Christmas-related themes and there would be many good Christmas shows coming up. My parents would bring my siblings and I down Orchard Road on Christmas day, indulged in some fine dining, took some photos. At school then, we would be making some Christmas Gifts and exchanging presents to our hearts’ content. My mother would also do some presents. My uncles and aunties would also give some presents. I was also waiting for presents from Santa Claus at night.

Fast forward decades later to today to where I am now at this stage of life. Life is now quite a hectic schedule of balancing work and family commitments, among others. There is nothing magical about Christmas. The problem does not lie with me growing up and maturing and losing all the fun. What I think now about Christmas and other festive seasons is that it is getting more and more commercialised. Shops and restaurants are vying for your dollars. Discount fairs are aplenty. I think Singaporeans easily spend millions collectively during this festive season.

Okay about the question on who is the new Santa Claus? It has to be my employers. The Christmas gift would be good year-end bonus. Let me invent a quote: “Money to adults is toys to kids”. Merry Christmas to you!

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