Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Singapore Stocks to buy and invest in year 2011?

What are the stocks to buy and invest for year 2011? As an investor, I understand very well the anguish of seeing the highly attractive stock you just bought plummet the moment you bought it, hence proper diversification and timing is crucial to picking the right stock at the right time. So, what are the stocks to buy and invest for year 2011?

Coming forward to year 2011, investors must understand the economic condition in year 2011 and hence the right stocks to pick. So what are the stocks to buy and invest in year 2011? Okay, I will offer my take, something that you will not learn from other investment analysts, but I must warn you do take my words for reference only.

With interest rate being very low now, year 2011 will see high interest rates and possibly inflation. Hence one should invest in Commodities, yes commodities will be the theme for year 2011. In my opinion, Noble Group is a good pick.

Besides commodities, what are the other stocks in other sectors to buy if you do not want to put all your investment eggs into one basket? The answer: Healthcare. I see great potential in Healthway, with new management, possibly new developments to be unveiled next year. With prices at around $0.155 to $0.16 per share, prices are cheap now. Consider just buying one lot, you will still reap benefits when the prices start ascending next year.

Next, China is another huge market and China will still be attractive in year 2011. Singaporeans do not appreciate China stocks with good companies still being undervalued. Do buy and invest in undervalued China companies now. So what is a good stock to buy for this China market?

In my opinion, a great China company stock to buy is Hu An cable. As China grows, its demand for electrical will be unsatiated. China Hu An is currently trading way below its IPO price, and in my opinion, it is a strong take.

Last but not least, please do not follow blindly the stocks I have recommended. Do your own research first before investment. If you want to hear more from me on investments, add me to Facebook (button found on this page) or subscribe to this blog today (button also on this blog). Visit this link now.

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