Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buy Lightings for House at Balestier Road

My Dear and I went to buy lightings for our house today. There are quite a few places where one can buy lightings in Singapore. The Best place to buy lightings in Singapore for houses would be at Balestier Road.

We alighted from bus 21 and started our search to buy lightings for our house near Jalan Datoh. We trekked for very long along Balestier Road in our quest to buy house lighting. There are many many lighting and lighting fixture houses along Balestier Road. We compared prices in our process to buy lightings for our house. Along the way, we stopped at house of Tau Sar Piah where we devoured some great Tau Sar Piahs.

Most of the lightings are quite expensive hence we did not buy till we reached Shaw Plaza. There, we spent quite a lot of time deciding whether to buy or not from a shop. However the design was not nice and we proceed to try our luck a at the opposite shop.

Our visit turned excellent at Chuan Huat Electric Private Limited for we saw great lightings which we fancied. We bought the lightings for our house at last and proceeded home.

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