Monday, December 20, 2010

Investment Legend Jim Rogers: His View of the World talk

I was at the BookFest yesterday in Suntec City and I was lucky enough to catch the final talk from investment legend Jim Roger on this final day of the exhibition. The title of Jim Roger’s speech is “My view of the world”.

Jim’s investment legend is well-known to the investment world., however at the start of his talk, many including I learnt the other rich aspect of Jim’s life. Jim, as a ex-hedge fund manager retired at the age of 37 and made a record in the Guiness Book of Record travelling the world for 3 years by car with his wife. In the talk, the audience were treated to the visual photos of him and his wife expeditions, from braving the harsh elements, environments to taking photos with militant gangs who posed with grenade launchers! Jim even got married during his world tour!

However his proudest asset is still his two young daughters, whom he proudly called onto stage. His two daughters then entertained the audience with a battering of Chinese idioms and songs. Jim told the crowd that he and his wife went to all over the world before deciding on Singapore. In his view, Singapore is the best in terms of education, health and a government and system that works.

Jim told the audience that the19th century belonged to the Europe, the 20th: the America while the 21st will belong to China and Asia. He underscored repeatedly the importance of being effectively bilingual in English and Chinese as Chinese will be the most important language in the 21st century and beyond. That is the reason he has ensured his two daughters speak and write Chinese well.

Jim encouraged all of the audience to have kids as kids are real bundles of joy and energy for him. As for stock investors, I am sorry to say that Jim Rogers, as he told the audience holds not much stocks. Jim Rogers is into commodities. Jims outlined that resources and commodities will become scarer and scarer and prices will rise inevitably higher over time.

I believe many of the average Singaporeans would like to be Jim Roger in terms of his wealth. But as Jim himself has explained, nothing is more fulfilling and enriching in life than family love. In Jim Rogers’ case, his love for his wife and two daughters.

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